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    Just basketball
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    Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022, as to my knowledge it is the only one I own
  1. My very first games console was a PS3. I didn't really have to do anything special to get games, my dad would just sorta buy them for me every once in a while. They were all 2nd hand tho which is how he could afford to buy them so frequently for seemingly no reason. Before owning the PS3 me and my brother mainly gamed on the family PC (I say family PC but only me and my brother ever used it). Flash games and the like.
  2. Samesies. I can understand Chris wanting to get something out of all the time and effort he puts in for the mods. I'm not really a GM game kinda guy, (these sorts of simulation games are fun but once I start playing I can't really commit that much time to any one game) I don't even like sports all that much. I just happened to buy a copy of DDS Pro Basketball 2022 a few months back, looked into the game a bit more and found out that it has mod support.