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  1. We're back. You know where to sign up!
  2. It's official: live auction draft this coming Sunday: 2pm ET = 8pm CET. To reply to the most common first question: it's free of course!
  3. Welcome to AEF Reborn - a much simplified EPL with a live Fantrax auction. No spreadsheets, no contracts, no salaries, no keepers, no extra rules. Just you and the WAG's. Rules: Sign-up:
  4. With the trade deadline fast approaching, Nuggets, Pistons, Rockets, and Magic all looking for a GM to make their present and/or future brighter!
  5. Live Ring Ceremony & Draft Lottery video conference scheduled for this coming Saturday
  6. Would you like to become an NBA agent? Fight for the right to represent the biggest stars and then squeeze the last penny out of the GM's trying to sign them - tougher than it sounds? Your efforts will be judged by simply comparing your spendings (to bring a player into your Agency) and your winnings (by signing his new contract or extension) in form of a leaderboard. Why you won't be able to resist it: 1. You're an NBA fan, and you've never tried it before. Duh 2. You only play it in the summer, instead of suffering from lack of NBA in your life. So no reason to quit any of your other 73 fantasy leagues! 3. This cannot fail: the league supports any number of participants, joining or quitting at any time. 4. On the other side of the fence you'll find 30 CBA-crazed nerds a.k.a. the NBA Front Office GM's. Can you outsmart them? 5. You control the addiction level. Leaderboard score = winnings - spendings. Thus you can lead it owning 1 player or 89 of them alike. Holidays? Exam? Temporary blindness? No biggie! 6. You also control the involvement level, but our ├╝beractive community is there if you wanna talk ball. Which other league offers , an entire child board for media coverage, a map tracking everybody's roots, a Facebook group and whatnot? Kick-off: now! Rules: Sign-up:
  7. Due to technical difficulties we were forced to cancel this season on the continent, but England is still very much alive and kicking. Any interest in Villa or Fulham? Sign up and take your pick after you've read the rules!
  8. Utah and Brooklyn available, draft starts this Thursday!
  9. We're having more and more fun with this league:
  10. We're nearing season 2! Here comes a quick reminder: In All-Europe Football we have five separate leagues for the five major European soccer competitions: Contracts up to 5 years, transfers, loans, Champions League, all that jazz: Season 2 starts this summer, with possible additions of a second division in England and Fantrax scoring. Interested in at least 1 country? Sign up here:
  11. Season 2 of NBA Front Office has officially begun! Wanna feel like an actual GM? Learn a thing or two about the CBA, while participating in an exciting fantasy league! The 2013 Playoffs saw a couple of upsets: The biggest season 2 addition is a revamped spreadsheet: Fantrax does the scoring, but the finances are discussed on our forum: We continuously strive for a richer experience through social media and all kinds of wacky ideas. So yeah, live video feed of the Draft Lottery is totally gonna happen! Something for you? Sign up here:
  12. Houston is available. Roster:
  13. We still have a couple of spots available!
  14. Update on availibilities: Evian, Nantes maybe HSV maybe ManCity Getafe Chievo