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  1. Portland could be another one as I am starting to feel that Dame is going to walk.
  2. Depends on what other sports you follow (then again maybe not, great way to learn new sports). Games I play a lot of are Draft Day Sports College Basketball and Pro Basketball), Out of the Park Baseball and for pro football (American) I would suggest Draft Day Sports again. Draft Day Sports games can be found at
  3. I am curious what everyone does when playing certain sports games. Do you play just play as a GM, coach or both? For those of you that coach/manage do you playout each game or sim? For me it depends on the sport. For FM, college basketball and OOTP I tend to coach out/manage games. This tends to make seasons last longer, but I feel that I get more immersion. For pro basketball or football I just want take on the GM role. Thanks for the answers.
  4. I also forgot to ask what are the essential mods for this game? Just picked it up and I am looking to get started on the right foot.
  5. Any suggestions of playing this game with as just a GM? How smooth is the link between CB and PB?