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  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention the use of Parsec to play local H2H
  2. Len From I am interested in looking into adding a H2H Fbpro'98 league to our setup. Currently, we have 2 Action PC football leagues and a Madden'22/23 league. Year's ago we had a FBPro'98 league. So...would there be support for such a thing? Also, How do I go about gettiing the windows 10 friendly version of the game that does not need a CD. Most pcs these days dont even have a CD rom drive. Thanks for the help
  3. Currently in season 40. 32 Teams Coach Mode only Will be moving to Madden'22 in the Fall/Winter of 2021
  4. PAFL 28 team league in season 7. Online since 2013. (Winter/Spring) PSAFL 28 team league. Begins draft in the Spring of 2021. (Summer/Fall) Take a look. Using the current version of Action PC Football
  5. Hi, Len here from paydirtfootball We are specializing in NFL news and tabletop and PC football gaming and football gamers. We currectly have 3 online leagues. 2 Action PC leagues and a Madden coach mode league. Just happened across GMgames and am getting familiar with it. Looks like a helpful site. Thank you.