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  1. I took over Palm Harbor Wild Cats a game into in the second season (Delta World). Currently in first place with 105 points. Main thing that I have found is that this sim does a great job of valuing strategy and team chemistry. Your best bet is to not bet on only your highlight players to win through big games. Best example I can give for this is Olexandr Pimenov, one of my forwards who leads the league in points currently. He is 4th or 5th best forward on the team overall and starts in my 4th line but plays a vital role in my special teams. Yet he leads the league in points while being 11th on my team in average time on ice per game. That essentially is why I enjoy this sim. Strategy > A couple dudes Palm Harbor Wild Cats 1st Place 33-2-2-6 105 points
  2. What is the overall effect of a players given health? If he is 'tired' are we to assume he has diminished attributes to the point where we should work him out of the lineup for a day or two?