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Fantasy Basebrawl - Online Baseball/Fantasy Game Hybrid

Started By mib666007, Nov 11, 2016 01:48 AM

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I apologize if this was an inappropriate place to post this but I figured this site is the bread and butter of players(er hrm, managers) who appreciate deep strategy games. 

I am currently in the process of releasing Fantasy Basebrawl - a Hybrid between Baseball and well, Fantasy Games. For those of you familiar with the Blood Bowl series - it is a similar concept except not turn based games/board game style. The games play in real-time and much of the emphasis of the game is drafting teams(similar to a fantasy draft in MLB The Show) of randomly generated characters of differing races, classes and alignments. Games are real-time and use real time scheduling(IE a game a day). The games are processed hands off but manager input can be used for lineups, training and coaching strategies(such as when to attempt base stealing.) 


Here is the typical information I share - 


Welcome to Fantasy BaseBrawl


URL : http://www.fantasybasebrawl.com

What It's All About?
Fantasy Basebrawl is a Baseball Management game with a twist - It uses traditional fantasy races such as Orc, Elves and Humans as they clash in real-time games. Draft teams in real time. Compete in real time. Setup management strategies and compete across epic seasons with intelligent AI opponents or your friends(and foes!). Multi-Leagues are supported for a single player and managing multiple teams across both public and private leagues is encouraged! Create your own leagues and invite your friends! Nearly 10,000 custom logos to collect and utilize for your team or salvage for scrap. Classes and Races synergize completing literally unlimited potentials in season drafts. Create a team that can mesh matching race, alignment and laws as much as you can while respecting blood lines and patron choices but beware - Other players are drafting against the same POOL on draft day! Setup your draft preferences ahead of time or stick around in real time as your team is up to pick! For the first time in Red Shade Games history - there is a fully automated Playoff system. If that's not fantasy enough for you, each team receives its own personal adventure-mode to explore during the course of a season with powerful artifacts to unlock and enhance your team. Brawls take place on the bases and allow some bending of the rules from time to time.
It is very micro-community orientated compared to other games. YOU can create your own playground League and invite your friends to join via E-mail or ingame. Each league has its own instanced forum that only league members may utilize. You can customize your League in a variety of ways such as limiting the number of games or lessening the time between playoff games. Competition for Seasons use an m-ranking style system that allows users to compete across each other even if they are not in the same public league. Purchases within game are limited to expanding private content for your own leagues only.
How was this game thought of?
For those of you who have stuck around for a while, you may have remembered I've attempted a Baseball game a long time ago called S3 Baseball. This is far different than that but I've always been a fan of Baseball games as they meld wonderfully with management games. It's also no secret I enjoy fantasy games and have created such with Godwars or the unreleased game Immortal Moon. This game could easily be a true and strong vanilla baseball game with the statistics and system it uses but I wanted to make it more unique than simply a good baseball management game.
How was the game balanced?
Much of the game design was written down far ahead of any actual programming complete with a board-game style manual. This helped layout the foundation of a balanced game. Much effort was put into balancing pitching vs batting vs fielding vs stealing bases and the way the 5 attributes of players interact. In terms of what players are good at becomes second nature when you get used to the way classes work.
What else should I know?
Much effort was put into the media aspects of this game. A professional voice actor was hired to deliver over 60 unique lines of dialogue during the course of a game. Monster sounds and voices were purchased for drafting and other uses across the site. The background image of the game was hand designed by a private artist to invision Fantasy Basebrawl.
How much time do I need to spend on this game?
The game is very hands off. The most involving aspects involve LIVE-DRAFTING(if you choose to) and adventure-mode. There is many large pauses - especially when a season begins to allow the leagues to fill up or give players time to setup their draft choices. You can also train players or change coaching strategies even during a game. For the most part, your job is drafting a good team and developing that team during the season. You can change lineups and even pick up free agents but largely games play themselves out. Watching a game live is a great way to pass an hour and a half or so though! Complete game stats and season stats will always be available complete with sortable headers of information.
Where can I read more?
When will it open?

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We added your game hub here, http://gmgames.org/fantasy-basebrawl/

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