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  1. San Diego trades: SP Brad Peacock (ML) and his remaining 2019 salary. Cincinnati trades: SP Joseph Musgrove (AAA Louisville) We were hoping to get an extension for Peacock, but he doesn't like the direction we're going...(who does, LOL!!) So, we cut bait on him and get back a possible rotation arm. He pitched well in Cincinnati so he should do well in our spacious park. Good luck to Scott and the Reds!
  2. Padres agree Since we aren't contending this year and have some cash, we decided to take Jack up on his offer. Peacock will fit nicely into our rotation. We have been looking fo a reliable 5th starter and he will do nicely. Montgomery will be better in our spacious park out of the pen hopefully. Thanks Jack!
  3. We hope Steven does well with the change of scenery also. He has been falling out of favor with us for awhile now dating back to last season. And with the development of De Los Santos and a couple other young pitchers nearing the chance for promotion, we pulled the trigger on this deal. Good luck to The Tribe and thanks Ayden!
  4. Padres agree. We needed to put some more talent on the farm and these kids could fit the bill. Our scout is real bullish on these kids. Maybe the sun will shine on our ass with one of these kids, lol.
  5. Padres agree. This trade will probably turn the Eddie Vedder Cup in my favor!! In all seriousness, I really liked Wiswall the 2 seasons we had him. Had no room for him though and he was a roster casualty and St. Louis scooped him up. Gladly take him back on a minors deal. Thanks Justin! Wiswall has been DFA'd
  6. Padres agree just a little deal to clear some 40 man space Erickson has been DFAd
  7. Available: RP Felix Encarnacion - Need to clear some 40-man space and he is expendable. Not looking for anything in particular, just someone who won't take up 40-man space. Whatever ya got to give up. SP William Erickson - Same as Encarnacion. Could be a spot starter or come out of the bullpen. 3 option years left.
  8. Padres agree. I've never actively shopped Manuel, but I've always listened when someone came calling. I guess the right offer for Manuel finally came along. He has been nothing but stupendous for us as a player and a leader. Consistently giving us 32/33 starts a season. We will truly miss Manuel and hope nothing but the best for him. We get back 2 excellent replacements at 1/5 the salary in Masanobu Mochizuki and Abel De Los Santos. They will battle it out for a spot in a very talented and very crowded rotation. Also coming back is OFs Juan Castro and Trent O'Hannon. Two future starters in an also crowded outfield. Both will join us for the spring but will most likely start in El Paso. Thanks to Eddie for the great talks and patience as it took me a bit to pull the trigger on this letting go of our Ace. Micheal or Broderick are going to have to step up and fight it out for the ace of our staff.
  9. Padres agree with the edit. This was a hard off season for the Padres. Liriano who finally had the breakout year we were looking for from him and now Giancarlo. I decided that if I didn't get Ohtani to come and play for us, I was going to pull the trigger on Stanton. This was more of a financial decision than anything. I feel I have one of the best rotations in baseball so I am hoping to lock up these kids in the future. But with Darby Jarrom and Marvin Novak ready to contribute, we may still be able to compete for a playoff spot. Jeff Brooks looks like a great player who could see action as soon as this season during September call ups. The same goes with Janchez. McClanahan looks to be a mid rotation guy in a couple of seasons if he keeps his current development pace going. Victor Adams looks to be a super utility guy right now, but he is also developing nicely and could be a potential starter in the future. Cecil Black can throw heat already at 21 and could be a deadly closer unless that 3rd pitch develops. Then, he could be a useful starter. Great talks with Mitch. This took the better part of two weeks to finish. Mostly me going back and forth with myself weighing the pros and cons.
  10. Padres agree. It's really tough to lose Arias, but he wasn't happy coming out of the bullpen and that's really the only spot we had for him and he was so good at it. We wanted to shed a little more salary too and Jonathan was asking for 10-12 million a year for an extension. We get back a few kids who can help out at AAA and be called up if needed and perform admirably. Also included is D'Andre Toney who could be a nice little bench bat in a few seasons. This was a great back and forth with Eddie. He's built himself a nice little bullpen. Good luck!!
  11. Padres agree. We've been waiting for Taylor to take that next step but it hasn't happened enough for him to move up. Hopefully Matt sees something we don't to give Ronnie a chance. He's been a great team guy with a lot of energy. We traded Ronnie for a position that we are weak in on the farm. Ivan will most likely start in AAA this season and get an invite to play in the spring for the big club.
  12. The Padres agree. Liriano finally had the breakout season I was hoping for for the last 4 years. But, he's in the last year of arbitration and I'm not sure I'm able to keep him. Getting rid of Hosmer was a priority also with the quick development of Nan. O'Day will compete wirh Rodriguez for the starting catcher position and Kirkland should plug right in at 3rd. Holland should be at the back end of the rotation in a few seasons. This deal came together somewhat quick today but Mitch and I have been talking for a few months about Liriano. Good luck to Mitch...Liriano should have a monster season in his smaller park.