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We have 1 open team, the Indiana Pacers that consists of Joe Johnson, Richard Hamilton and Karl Malone that was drafted thru a Fantasy Draft. 


To Apply please click the link below: 


The NLL, one of the longest and most successful sim leagues out there, has decided to switch engines and bring their successful ways to a whole new league. This new league will be run using Fast Break Basketball 3, developed by Greydog Software, which is widely renowned as one of the best basketball sims available.


The NLL has been running for more than a decade already and is one of the premier leagues still today. With the transition over to a new league, we plan to bring over the same system that has kept us at the top for so long, aiming for a league that has a fun and competitive environment for all.


We are opening applications for our first season, which will take place at the start of the 2002-2003 season. What you have to look forward to is a league where T-Mac, Iverson and Shaq are still in their prime, and the first rookie draft class will include LeBron, Carmelo, and D-Wade. Speaking of rookies, we have an innovative and immersive system in place that not only allows you to have great info on the draft class before the draft, but also makes you feel like a real GM getting scouting reports from actual scouts. And for those of you worried you’ll get stuck with the Clippers, have no fear, we will be having a fantasy draft. Every GM will have an equal opportunity to create their own team in the way that they want to.


Lastly, the NLL thrived for so long because of our commitment to media. This isn’t just a sim league, but rather a basketball universe where stories are told and friendships have been built. You aren’t just running a franchise, you are an integral part of our alternate basketball world. So come join us. Become part of something bigger, and help us create OUR story.


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