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Euroleague Simulation League

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Hey guys, I would like to invite you to new sim league.

- 82 games, 10 minute Quarters, 5 Foul limit.
- Playoffs start with best of 5, then the rest of it is Best of 3.
- Real rosters taken from 05/06 Euroleague season.
- Free Agency filled with few guys from Eurocup and the guys who ended up undrafted in NBA during 2005 draft.
- Each year teams will be drafting players who were successful during the following season. For example if we start at 05/06 season, during the draft teams will get a chance to draft guys from real life 06/07 season.
- 5 Non-European players rule. That means that you can't fill your team with ex-nba palayers and that gives a better competition.
- Salary Cap starts from $15,000,000.
- Everything will be done in good old fashioned way, manual depth charts, no need to have an actual game.

League should kick off next week, depending on how fast the people will register.

Simulations three times per week: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 1 PM EST.

League page:

Registration here:

17 teams left.

Hope to see you on board!

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