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The hockey world heard with great surprise the decision of Columbus to draft Adam Ayre 1st overall. It is not that Ayre is not a good hockey player. It's just that he was ranked a little bit further, and when you're a team in need such as CBJ, and you're getting yet another top pick, you have to make the right choices. It was really surprising that anyone would pass up on giant center Lance Rodway.


The suspense was unbelivable in the arena when Rodway started dropping. What exactly do fans and even media members don't know about the player that has been compared to Joe Thornton? What we know for sure now is that Rodway will join the Islanders, and will probably make their team right away. Ayre vs Rodway will be an interesting battle to follow for the next 15-20 years.



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Nashville Draftees


In the first round, the Predators chose French-Canadian center Dany Dumas, a tall, offensive-minded forward who has lots of potential. Another French-Canadian was picked in the 3rd round, in goaltender Charles Godin, perhaps Vokoun's eventual successor.


22 Dany Dumas, C (6'3 212) from Canada
72 Charles Godin, G (5'11 198) from Canada
82 Aki Hesso, D (6'3 208) from Finland
112 Mats Nyberg, C (6'1 193) from Sweden
142 Martin Kenda, RW (6'1 210) from Austria

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There was a big rumour swirling around. And when general manager Austin Killer called the media in for a press conference, we knew exactly what had happened.


Killer announced: ''As you know, the Predadors are mostly a small-budget organization. Our owner, Craig Leipold, has been very generous, and doesn't want to sacrifize on-ice success for a couple of bucks, of course. So I wouldn't have made this trade if it wasn't 100% justified. With Tomas Vokoun's salary demands, we had no choice but to deal our recent prized acquisition, Eric Lindros, to the Buffalo Sabres. Lindros' $7M salary is just too big to absorb for us right now. We are still a young franchise with a growing fanbase. We may be able to accumulate more star players with big salaries in the future, but not right now.''


In return for Lindros, the Nashville Predators welcome big-time prospect Joe Bowen, a left winger, drafted 5th overall in 2002, as well as young German goalie Thomas Baudendistel, a 5th round pick in 2002. Bowen is expected to compete for a roster spot in Nashville, while Baudendistel will most likely be the starter in Milwaukee.


Killer said on Vokoun: ''Despite his recent struggles, we have complete confidence in Vokoun as our starting goalie, and this trade proves that. Also, we are pleased to announce that Tomas has re-signed with us for 4 years, at $6.5M per season.''


F Scott Walker, RFA -- $1.6M per year for 3 years
F Petr Tenkrat, RFA -- $750K per year for 4 years
D Richard Lintner, RFA -- $850K per year for 3 years


The Predators let Martin Erat walk as a free agent. Also, another trade was made to cut down the payroll, when backup goalie Jan Lasak was sent to Detroit for 21-years old prospect Igor Grigorenko and a 3rd round pick.


Ray Ferraro
Dominik Hasek
Patrick Roy
Brett Hull
Luc Robitaille
Mike Richter
Al MacInnis
Shayne Corson
Curtis Joseph
Claude Lemieux


Good news for Nashville fans as Colorado (Roy) and St.Louis (MacInnis) will be hurting whereas Detroit is pretty much done as a contender for now with these retirees.


-Rangers trade Petr Nedved to Vancouver for Krys Kolanos

-Lightning deal Calder winner Kalle Sala to Columbus for Vaclav Nevihosteny (61st pick in 2003) and Achim Weisz (91st pick in 2004). TB got hosed, of course. Finally a good move for the Jackets.

-Capitals trade Dainiuz Zubrus to Detroit for prospects.

-Bobby Holik signs with Edmonton

-Keith Primeau signs with Washington



First day of camp, GM Killer strikes a deal with the Oilers, sending farmhand Matt Hendricks and recently drafted Mats Nyberg for goaltender George Oberacker. He is also from Germany, and was the 19th overall pick in 2002. He will backup Vokoun this season.


The main question in camp was who of 2002 top picks Long and Bowen would make the club at left wing, and in the end it was Bobby Long who locked down a spot. Bowen will go work on his game in Milwaukee. He will line-up with fellow prospect Miika Harila and recently acquired Igor Grigorenko.


Highly-critized CBJ 1st overall pick Adam Ayre impressed in pre-season play, scoring 8 goals in 8 games.


The Nashville Predators lose their projected #7 D in Alexei Vasiliev to Minnesota in the waivers draft.

1. Joe Bowen, F (AHL)
2. Dan Hamhuis, D (AHL)
3. Dany Dumas, F (Juniors)
4. Tomas Slovak, D (AHL)
5. Miika Harila, F (AHL)
6. Thomas Baudendistel, G (AHL)
7. Aki Hesso, D (Juniors)
8. Anthony Turner, F (Juniors)
9. Jeremy Buchberger, D (Juniors)
10. Tony Clark, F (AHL)

1. Martin Brodeur, G (NJ)
2. Jaromir Jagr, F (WSH)
3. Joe Sakic, F (COL)
4. Chris Pronger, D (STL)
5. Mario Lemieux, F (PIT)
6. Peter Forsberg, F (COL)
7. Paul Kariya, F (ANA)
8. Rob Blake, D (COL)
9. Byron Dafoe, G (BOS)
10. Olaf Kolzig, G (WSH)

1. New Jersey
2. Anaheim
3. Colorado
4. Boston
5. Dallas
6. Edmonton
7. Ottawa
8. St.Louis
9. Washington
10. Pittsburgh

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