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OOTP gone too far

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Playing OOTP mostly in historical saves I got really pissed with the last version OOT23.

They scratched the Cleveland Indians name even for old times. The correct logos of course can still be changed over the years, but having Cleveland Guardians pop up in 1980s or even earlier is just damn sick.

This issue with trying to omit certain names and statues in US has gone insane IMHO. Are Americans really trying to change history or just trying to delete it to what they nowadays think should be the correct moral ground. That could end very very bad in the end. Who puts down the rules on this ??  Dangerous road to travel when omitting history and then finally forget it, only to then be ready to repeat it.

This is games and shouldn't be in this problem. I wonder if they at OOTP might scratch the Negro Leagues next and having those players play real MLB before Jackie Robinson. How could they then celebrate his first year in baseball.  History is what it is, just deal with it.


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