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PSFL League Openings (Draft Day Pro Sports Football 23)

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The P.S.F.L is a sim league now using DDSPF23 and we have openings after transferring to the offseason and newest DDSPF game. Great time to join and get in while offseason is just getting going to build your team before the start of our 2nd season. See below for open teams:

Falcons, Seahawks, Cardinals, & Titans

Why the P.S.F.L.?
 - Detailed testing done to put together a rules system geared toward realistic team building with a balanced financial system
 - Carefully created custom draft classes for future league balance along with more challenging boom or bust potential
 - A friendly environment for new and experienced players alike
- Immersive league with league created content including podcast, power rankings, detailed season previews, draft grades, weekly predictions, detailed stat sheets, league voted awards, etc - Sims are twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday (differs for offseason)

Join discord here -
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