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Ready For Prime Time? (DDSCB22)

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Recruiting Needs

Ken Yamoto, UC-San Diego:  Have 3 scholarships to fill.  Need at least one good SF.  With the other 2 scholarships, best to get a SG, a C, or possibly a 2nd SF.

Mike McMillan, MD-Eastern Shore:  5 scholarships to fill.  Primary need is for a couple big men with secondary need being for 1 or 2 SG’s.

Ramon Montez, Alcorn State:  3 scholarships to fill. Principle focus will be to last a 1-2 SG’s and maybe an interior player.

Terry Morillo, Western Illinois:  2 scholarships to fill.  Just get the 2 best guys we can, regardless of position.

Dontell Spencer, Arkansas-Pine Bluff:  3 scholarships to fill.  Best scenario would be a couple guards and a big man.

[Note: As in previous years the AI will be used to do the recruiting for all 5 teams.  Let the chips fall may they may!]

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