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Emerging from the shadows

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I'm a long-time reader of the site, and have recently been give some incentive to sign up on the forum thanks to the great DDSPF 21 photo pack :)

I grew up a baseball stats junkie and have enjoyed sports sims of all kinds over the years.

I relocated to Germany more than 8 years ago and the time difference has made it difficult to watch American sports live, so my gm sims keep me going when I have the time for them.

My interest in baseball has waned over the years (partly due to growing up a Mariners fan 😕 ) but for me no other game has come close to OOTP Baseball yet.
I'm excited about the direction of DDSPF and waiting for an MMA sim that focuses a little more on the fights and less on the tedious management (I'm looking at you WMMA!)

Anyways, happy to be here officially and hope I can contribute something to the community.

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