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    SwinnDE got a reaction from bretttrahan in Soccer or Football?!   
    I'm pretty sure soccer came first, at least in other parts of the world.

    But for me football will always be good old fashioned American football.

    My European wife likes to call football "handegg" because soccer is football to her. And in soccer you actually kick the ball with your foot for most of the game, blah blah blah.
    I can see her logic, but I will never relent!
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    SwinnDE got a reaction from Chris in Best team to rebuild in DDS Pro football 21   
    I would personally take the Cardinals--they have a better foundation.
    I think the Jets would be the bigger challenge, so depends on what you're looking for.
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    SwinnDE got a reaction from Chris in DDSPF21 - THE 2020 NFL.com Player Photo Pack from GM Games   
    Thanks for this, exactly what I was looking for!
    Have a long weekend coming up so trying to get everything set up now.
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    SwinnDE got a reaction from Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I started with Front Page Sports Baseball back in the day and went to the APBA Baseball board game for a while.
    Thankfully I discovered OOTP Baseball 4 and I've played almost every version since.
    I don't spend much time on the PC anymore, so waiting for the quality of mobile sports sims to catch up.