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  1. Just read the description and reviews here @ gmgames. Awesome community of almost 300 people playing. Not too time consuming if you are busy playing other sims, but plenty deep if you want to spend time making offensive and defensive playbooks. Try it out. It's FREE!
  2. Try this one, you will love it. Free and won't take up so much time that you cant play in other football sims should you find one. Great community (almost 300 of us playing). See you in there.
  3. Red Zone Action is listed on GM Games list of browser based games. I take it back. GM Games is the best!
  4. I've been playing GM games since trying out Football Manager 2012 when it came out. Instantly hooked on drafting players, developing them, controlling finances (for better or worse), and setting up formations and tactics for game day, I naturally wanted to do this in a sim of my favorite sport: football (as in American football). I'd played fantasy since I was a teen, so the marriage between fantasy and sim would surely spawn the perfect game for me. I have spent hundreds of hours on the Front Office Football franchise, and I plan to invest in Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2021 when it comes out in a couple months. In the meantime, for the last 12 months, I have really enjoyed playing browser based Red Zone Action. I was surprised to find it has not been mentioned in GM Games, so I'm happy to be the one to bring it up. It's been around since 2009 and right now over 300 human run teams are competing twice a week to win their division, conference and end of the season bowl. After the season, teams are relegated, and those who win their bowl, move up until reaching the RZA Elite League. The game is FREE. However, I have made sure to occasionally support it as it has rewarded me with months of having those little moments to look forward to: the draft, the weekly training results, analyzing my opponents last couple games so I can better prep my own playbook, etc. I put out the occasional press release for my team, called Tool. I have my own fanshop, I've upgraded my stadium to maximum seating, and after a few seasons, I'm starting to really see Tool as a growing competitor with the big guys. Maybe a couple more seasons I will find myself in Elite. What works for me most is the time I spend on most days is minimal. I work all the time, but enjoy the heck out of my breaks when I can pull out my phone and see how what kind of talent my Youth Academy is pulling in. I setup the YA with it's training schedule for the week, and that's all I "needed" to do for the day. All completed with still time left on my break for those break room cookies calling my name. The community is friendly, helpful, and from all over the world. This game is the best kept secret in football sims. Check it out! It won't cost you a thing, and you'll find yourself itching to "manage" something from your break room, your bathroom or bed- and boom! Red Zone Action will scratch that itch. Here's a link. Enjoy!