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  1. A game that I've been playing and I really like too is this hockey dinasty, I got into the game pretty late but I like the way it's organized and how you have to interact with other GM's that gives it a more realistic sense and it made me even play more, this sunday they're going to launch a 3rd tier for new player, they're expanding and pretty fast, I think this is a game with lots of potential and future that you should check out

  2. I've been playing the game called Derby Manager, at first I didn't completelly understand it but it's easy to get in control of everything, it's a great game where you can have lots of fun and talk to a lot of people through their discord as they're already lots of people playing this game. I personally will give it a 9,4/10 as it has been great for me and I have lots of fun and you don't have to wait too much for games to happen