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  1. Confirmed We do this deal for 2 reasons, injury (shocker) and our pen is starting to fail us again (shocker) Cleveland's annual trip to the IL showed us we needed another outfielder, while we have a couple of capable guys in AAA we wanted a guy who's numbers have shown to be sustainable. We needed to add Ramirez to hopefully stabilize a shaky pen. He will also be an extra piece if/when our next bullpen injury occurs . Losing Saini hurts bad, but the emergence of Jimenez in CF had him stuck behind him now. Thanks for the deal Jabs and good luck the rest of the way
  2. Boston sends SP Logan Johnson - A+ San Fran sends 2B Jason Frost - AAA We are looking for some better quality 2B depth and hoping Frost can provide that. Hate to lose Johnson, but he had to go. Thanks Heinz
  3. Boston sends OF Juan Costello - AAA Mets send SP Zach Lee - ML Always can use SP depth Thanks for the quick deal Bruce
  4. Boston sends SP Mashiro Tanaka - ML (5% retention) Mets send C Greg Bird - ML We do this to get better at Catcher , pretty simple. Tanaka has been good for us this season, but we have option there now. Thanks for the quick deal Bruce
  5. Boston sends: RP Victor Mejia - ML 1B Arialdi Peguero - ML RP Jeff Elson - IL SP Juan Rosado - AAA CL Esteban Vasquez - AAA Oakland sends: SP John Larson - ML CL Ken Gary - ML 2B Enrico DeLeon - ML 3B Pablo Sandoval - ML $500,000 cash We do this deal for a couple of reasons; first to get a much upgrade in the bullpen and second to get another solid arm in the rotation. Why I'm still not happy about having to take on Sandoval it was a risk with his player option I needed to take. DeLeon won't hit his vesting option for the season so he'll be gone a seasons end. I really was torn on having to move Mejia as I love his versatility as a starting option for us, but getting Gary and Larson will help that out. Good luck the rest of the season and rebuild to Oakland
  6. Confirmed we really don’t have a true CF at this time and with our poor defensive stats we couldn’t afford to not be having one if needed. Sanders is a corner outfielder and we seem to have quite a few of those as well.
  7. Confirmed Kelly, along with the rest of our pen, has struggled to get back to form since the big arm injury a few years ago. Along with Seattle, we are retooling the worst pen in the league and we hoping Ottenhof can help us turn that corner.
  8. Confirmed. With the possibility of Springer walking at seasons end we needed try to get what we could from him before the deadline. He's putting up incredible numbers for us and that'll be greatly missed. But the opportunity to get a couple of solid specs for him was too much to turn down. Thanks and good luck Tony
  9. Boston sends MR Manual Hernandez - ML SP Jake Boeheim - A CL Jacob Meador - AA Oakland sends MR Mitchell Traver - ML We make this move to help our weakass bullpen. Traver will slide into Hernandez's spot in the pen and so make an immediate impact. Really hate to move Boeheim, but we needed to address the pen issues now and not later. This deal came together fairly quickly over an in person lunch between the two gm's. Thanks for the deal and good luck to Scott and Oakland moving forward.
  10. Confirmed. We add another quality Sp to the rotation which will push someone to the pen, which needs another arm anyways. Penetra was extremely tough to let go, but a slight ratings hit and an extreme need now in our rotation pushed our had.
  11. RedSox send: CF Benny Montgomery - R SP Michael Morales - A Rays Send: SS Cade Doughty - AA SP Kyle McCord - A- Swapping a couple minor leaguers and getting a position of need with Doughty. Hopefully both Doughty and McCord continue to fill their ratings and will help us in the long run. Thanks Comey
  12. Confirmied. we need pitching help and Potter should turn things around. Hopefully
  13. SP Neftali Feliz SP Daniel Hudson SP Juan Nicasio SP Tijuan Walker MR Manual Hernandez MR Trent Higginbotham 1B Alex Dickerson 1B Tae-Hyeok Nam CF Arturo Gomez RF Dominic Brown DH Dwight Smith Jr Looking to possibly package some of these guys for a power hitter, prefer OF or DH and a righty or switch hitter. Specs always welcome. Salary may or may not be an issue depending on who's involved.
  14. Confirmed. Herrera will compete for a spot in the pen and should help solidify that weak spot for us.