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  1. To make trades easier if we could do a search for what teams are looking for what. For example if I want a 1-2 defenceman, then I could search for all teams with a player matching that description on some team's trading block. As well, if I'm looking to move a 1-2 defenceman then I could search what teams have that as one of their transfer needs. Might make trading easier. Also when looking for players, if I have "Filter out unrealistic targets' then players in leagues higher with one way contracts shouldn't be shown. Just my two thoughts!
  2. Hi all, congrats to the winners of the regular season! I was the manager of the Falconridge Braves in the IHL for most of the season, and as we come up to what is my first offseason, I was looking around the league at teams that did better than myself in order to have a better season next year(?). However, noticed that the first place finisher Lacombe General had first, second and third round picks all from the same BHL team, the Citrus Heights Ramblin' Rams. Wondering what they must have traded in order to get this, I looked at the Rams and realized that the current manager of the BHL teams has only been there for 2 games, and that they have the first three IHL picks from Lacombe. I could be wrong but that seems very suspicious to me. One thing to note is that the trades were made with the previous manager when the BHL team was the Torrington Hornets. Was there some blockbuster trade I missed? I have tried to find the trade in which either team acquired these picks but I have not been able to do so.
  3. If you click the button that says "explain regular tactics" it will open a window where it explains the tactics!
  4. Because the other team will underestimate a significantly lower rated teams gives lower rated teams a chance. Sometimes I feel it is too heavily weighted, however it can create a lot of drama!
  5. Hi all, sorry if this is a newbie question but in the assistants report I keep getting the negative comment "The offensive defensive pairings had major problems with their focus assignment." Does this mean the interaction between the offensive lines and defensive lines is bad or does it mean my offensive focused defencemen are under performing?