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  1. Yeah, I am still trying to learn everything... There's definitely a lot I'm not up to speed on yet. Player development is a big one I wish I knew more about. How'd the draft treat you? I was able to score a defensemen who was on my shortlist, but I missed out from there. I think I got a solid prospect out of it. He's definitely a step up on the prospects I inherited, although the team hadn't had a first round pick in the last couple years.. Here's hoping he works out.
  2. DSMM - Just realised you manage to the Muskies. Great finish this year. You got me good in the last regular season game!
  3. Hahah yeah, the topic title is kind of moot now. I'm just stoked to have some communication with other managers. Today is draft day (I think)! Anyone else excited? I'm looking for a solid D prospect this year, none in the system currently. What are you targeting this year?
  4. Woah, hey guys! I had forgotten about this thread and was just on vacation in Montreal so I have been half absent from the game recently, but I'm back in full swing now, gearing up for the draft! Glad to see a few replies! Thanks for the kind words DSMM! I think I lucked into a good team, but I did try my best to manage accordingly and set up what I thought were good lines and strategies. The real test will now be jumping to the IHL. Going to try my best not to get relegated. Eric, great to hear from another IHL team. I will definitely shoot you a message when thinking about trades. Zac, congrats on making the push to the IHL, I guess I'll be seeing you there next season! I find these games way more enjoyable when I can interact with with other players. I hope we can all keep a more active forum presence, coming back to these replies is great! Really like this game so far. Glad I got through a season, excited for the offseason. Just resigned a lot of my core, so we'll see how it all works out! Keep it up guys! How are your teams doing? Concerns? Acheivements?
  5. New to the league. Now managing the Delson Black Bears. Anyone else here active in the LIHL? Just trying to open up a line. Check in!