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  1. No, it isnt the manager in Attack. This is in game world Cage Bronze League. The weird thing is the two teams have different manager numbers...I'm assuming its the same person though, not a common name. I didn't want to call anyone out by name because I wasn't sure if it was legal. But since you asked, the manager name is Connor Otzenberger and he is managing the Cape Girardeau Legends manager # 35591 and Goldenville Green Mountain manager # 37316.
  2. I know it is possible for us to now manage two teams with our accounts, which is great. However, I just noticed that there is a manager who owns two teams in the same league. I was just wondering if this was intended. It seems that we should not be able to manage two teams in the same game world, let alone the same league.
  3. Thanks. Is the potential benefit to your team worth the extra fatigue for one preseason game?
  4. Does fatigue reset after the preseason? I am thinking about not scheduling a preseason game on the final day of preseason so that my players aren't tired to start the season.
  5. I'm new to this too, but if you are taking the time to make your shortlist and put it in order, you'll usually want to select the option "shortlist only". For your 12th player to be selected, you must have had some other option selected.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Paul, that list was basically what I was looking for, thanks. It's not something I was planning on basing my decision on, but it seems like yet another bit of information that can be used to paint an overall picture of a prospect.
  7. I'm relatively new to the game and my first draft is today...trying to evaluate some of the prospects. I cannot find any information regarding the exact meaning of the prospect reputations (ie hot prospect, decent prospect, up-and-coming, promising, etc). Can anyone provide some insight into what exactly these mean and how important they are in determining who to draft? Thanks in advance!