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  1. Part 4 is up, new season, lets hope for better things
  2. I've played TEW a while back. I'm looking for something like that, but the ability to play out the matches with no idea who wins! Maybe not possible. I'm thinking maybe wwe2k18 but creating my own characters and having my own universe, where I play various matches, have my own storylines, that sort of thing. Possible?
  3. Hey all, So I'm looking for a wrestling game, where you can choose wrestlers, different types of matches etc and watch them play out. I have no interest in playing the games themselves. Basically looking for a wrestling management sim, but you watch the matches play out and you have no idea who wins. Such a game may not exist, but i'm looking at creating/developing stories and telling a story in a fictional universe. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I've edited the top comment. trying to move my blog over here time consuming. Hope all is ok?
  5. Hi all, I'm writing about my Pro Football game at if you want to read/follow along. Here you will find stories on my other games i play as well EDIT: I blog about my games over on my website. Trying to replicate here is a bit time consuming, so I will post links to my updates here if that is ok? DDS Pro football 18 - part 1: DDS Pro football 18 - part 2: DDS Pro football 18 - part 3: DDS Pro football 18 - part 4:
  6. Hi all, I am the online GM. I love playing sport management games on the PC. Yes, I have played a wide range of games, pretty cool whats out there. I write about my adventures at if your interested in reading/following along.