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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rebuilding The Philadelphia Flyers(NHL16/PS4)   
    Islanders Survive Flyers Comeback, Win 5-3 November 25, 2015 | Posted by: rittflyers
    Leddy celebrates his late goal to give the Isles a 5-3 Win
    The Islanders powerplay led them to a 3-0 lead early in the 2nd, but the Flyers managed to pull themselves back into the game before Nick Leddy beat Mason shortside and off the post to give the Islanders a 4-3 lead. Brock Nelson scored an empty netter to seal the win. Scott Laughton was credited with a goal after the puck hit Nick Leddy and beat Halak and Matt Read notched his first two of the season to get that monkey off of his back, but the rest of the Flyers offense was silent.


    Philadelphia Flyers at New York Islanders Nov 25, 2015 1 2 3 F PHI () 0 2 1 3 NYI () 1 2 2 5 Three Stars Nick Leddy, NYI
    1G, 2A Matt Read, PHI
    2G, 0A Calvin de Haan, NYI
    1G, 1A Team Stats Comparison   PHI NYI Shots on Goal 43 35 Hits 22 21 Faceoffs Won-Lost 24-17 17-24 Penalty Minutes 6:00 2:00 Power Plays Converted 0 2 Power Play Opportunities 1 3 Time on Attack 8:15 6:17 Scoring Summary FIRST PERIOD NYI A.Lee(9)(M.Grabner) 10:52 SECOND PERIOD NYI Haan(3)(N.Leddy, B.Nelson) 0:58 PPG NYI C.Clutterbuck(2)(N.Leddy, R.Strome) 13:39 PPG PHI S.Laughton(3)(Unassisted) 16:56 PHI M.Read(1)(S.Gagner, M.Streit) 19:53 THIRD PERIOD PHI M.Read(2)(S.Laughton, M.Streit) 15:30 NYI N.Leddy(3)( Haan) 17:18 NYI B.Nelson(6)(K.Okposo, J.Tavares) ENG
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rebuilding The Philadelphia Flyers(NHL16/PS4)   
    In an effort to kickstart some more dynasties on GMG, I'll be posting my Flyers NHL16 BAGM over here as well.  My main avenue of reporting is over at Dynasty Nation( along with a twitter account  Currently I am creating a ton of missing prospects(already drafted out to the 2019  draft) along with various movie characters(Charlie Conway, Doug Glatt, Denis Lemieux, etc.) and I'm looking to get this going by the Season Opener. 
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Return to HockeyTown... A Detroit Red Wings BeaGM   
    Congrats on the Cup Win!  Kronwall was a BEAST!
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    Nickflyers reacted to riz_si in Hello world ! [Riz @ SI Games]   
    Hi guys,
    I've been meaning to post for a while now but never got around to it. Some of you know me, I'm Riz from Sports Interactive, developer of ye old freeware Eastside Hockey Manager and the NHL EHM series we did with SI and Sega.

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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access
    Long range games seem to be good.  Didn't really play the who's a regen of who game, but there are late round gems.  Only issue I've noticed is that there are an abundant amount of players playing past 37 and for some their Physical Attributes aren't degrading.  Tweeted Riz about it and I'm gonna be posting this on SI Games. 
    Smolnikov - 3rd Round Kazakhstan Player

    Platzer - 4th Rounders

    Nuutinen - 4th Round Pick

    Sundberg - 4th Round

    Vinogradov - 6th Round Pick

    Sandstrom - 6th Round Pick

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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Coming Out of Hibernation: A Chilliwack Bruins Story [EHM07]   
    Yay more hockey ones!
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from bhurst99 in Video Diary of FIFA Manager Bhurst99   
    Starting to pick up some steam!
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from StLee in United States Baseball League(OOTP14)   
    USBL To Start Inaugural Season
    March 1st, 1875 - Jim O'Malley will be the commissioner of the United States Baseball League, the 1st Professional league in America. 8 cities have signed on to have teams in the league, along with 16 other cities acting as the minor league teams. Players have already been drafted in the Inaugural draft with a few free agents still available. Spring Training will start today with teams playing 24 games. Season will get underway April 1st with all 8 teams playing. Season will last 50 games, with the Division Leader being crowned Champion of the USBL.
    The Teams that will Participate in the USBL are as follows;

    US AAA

    US AA

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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    EHM 05 hooked me into Sports Sim games, besides playing the hell out of the NHL 2k5 and 2k7 games.  Love building up a team.  Re-ignited my love with EHM07 and have been playing that, FM13, and OOTP 14 since. 
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rewriting History EHM 07 Philadelphia Flyers   
    End of Year
    Awesome season though the ending was a bit of a tough pill to swallow. Things started with James van Riemsdyk tearing his ACL(Out 7 months), then Mike Richards slightly tore his MCL(3 months), Kim Johannson tore his UCL(3 Months), Spezza had a shoulder issue(2 months), Giroux had a hip flexor issue(1 Month), and last but not least Pekka Rinne had a strained shoulder(3 weeks). All that within the last few weeks of the playoffs. Still managed to take 1st in the conference, but a tough battle vs the Montreal Canadians proved too much(Swept in 4). Ended up trading Jeff Carter and two prospects to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan and Ryan Wilson. The amount of injuries led to John Tavares being called up and he filled the 2nd line slot amazingly well(9-21-30, 8.19 AVR) and secured his roster spot next year. The Phantoms also took 1st in the conference and also fell in the 1st round. Holtby was a monster for them. Thrashers won their 2nd Stanley Cup beating Vancouver 4-3(Series and Game 7 in OT).

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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rewriting History EHM 07 Philadelphia Flyers   
    San Jose win the Stanley Cup

    Pretty solid draft for us. Columbus came calling about Blum and I managed to get their 1st out of it which turned into Bogosian. Trusted my scouts in this draft. Holtby was a pretty unanimous pick at the 6th overall selection by the scouting staff.

    Scout Reports:
    Holtby - Starting Goalie, Better Mike Smith
    Bogosian - 1-2 D, Better Andrew Alberts
    Moisan - 1-2 D, Better Tom Poti
    Stepan - 1-2 C, Better Johnny Pohl
    McRae - 2nd Line, Like Henrik Zetterberg
    Pouliot - 3rd Line, Like Ryan Smyth
    Jacquemet - 3rd - Limited, Better Konstantin Baranov
    Kessel - 3-6 D, Like Ryan Whitney
    Guerette-Charland - 3rd Line, Like Vaclav Prospal

    Pretty high hopes for these prospects
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rewriting History EHM 07 Philadelphia Flyers   
    Flyers Miss Playoffs for 1st Time Since 1993

    The Philadelphia Flyers continued their downfall after the lockout, as they failed to make the playoffs. Antero Niittymaki struggled in his first year as the starter in Philadelphia posting a 31-29-9 record with a 2.96GAA and 89.3SV% while Robert Esche continued to struggle after his 2004 Stanley Cup Playoff performance. On offense the Flyers were led by their top line of Gagne-Forsberg-Knuble, but struggled to find secondary scoring particularly from their young up and coming players like Jeff Carter, Mike Richards and RJ Umberger. Joni Pikanen led the Flyers defense but Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje failed to make the impact they were looked upon since signing their contracts shortly after the lockout ended. GM Paul Holmgren was fired at the end of the season and replaced by Nicholas Ritt, who led the Phantoms to an exceptional season. GM Nicholas Ritt quickly let Ken Hitchcock go and hired John Meckler. Ritt was also quick to ship off some veterans for solid youth and picks

    Draft Report

    Flyers had arguably the best 2nd round due to the three of the first ten picks in the round. James van Riemsdyk was labeled by some scouts as a Top Three selection but fell to #6 while Jonathan Blum and Kevin Shattenkirk could make an impact in a few years. Look for Carl Hagelin to surprise some in the coming years.

    Next report Free Agent Season and Notable Trades from last season
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Rewriting History EHM 07 Philadelphia Flyers   
    Game: Eastside Hockey Manager
    Roster: UUDB 6.1 (Updated Roster and Prospects out to 2014)(
    Start Date: Simmed one year(06-07) Took over after Regular Season
    Monthly Updates
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    Nickflyers got a reaction from Chris in Hello! [NickFlyers]   
    Stumbled upon this site through Twitter and OOTP's Board. 
    Going to bring my EHM07 story over from another site.  I'm the same Nickflyers on OS and Sportsbin and Nickphillies on OOTP