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  1. So I've been reading about this new release for game plan hockey manager. I also saw something about a subscription fee. I do remember that Anders said something about competition at the lower league level where teams would be fighting for the title the same way teams do at GHL. If I am correct, is that only for managers who cannot afford to pay the fee??
  2. Hey guys, this is Adam Lundberg. I know that it appears that I'm cheating, but the truth is that I haven't resigned on any of the occasions except from the Blackville Devils. Recently, my computer has been messing around, throwing emails, resigning me from teams, and adding accounts, deleting accounts and i really don't know how to fix it. I sent the computer to fix and i was told that the OS, memory and RAM are all bad. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and i hope you do accept my apologies.
  3. Hey guys, i got an idea. What if game plan hockey manager introduces national teams such as Russia, Sweden and Finland just to name a few. We as coaches can sign up for a national team the same way we would do for a regular club. Just as in football, we would have to go through qualifiers to secure our spot in the World championships tournament and square off to have an overall champion. We can still use the GHL,SHL and the top leagues in each country to full our roster. We can also have world rankings.
  4. Hey Anders, the simulation for dangles was supposed to have finished since an hour and forty five minutes ago but it's still simulating. Can you please check into this or any other admin?
  5. Hey, my locked account us due to open today friday December 15 but I still see that it remains closed. Can anyone look into this and reactivate it please?
  6. Anders,I have had a problem deleting my messages from the previous season. Can you please check into this and help me out?
  7. Anders and other admins. I have achieved three successive promotions and still my reputation is at successful. What is needed for my reputation to become world class?
  8. Can any of the admits please look into this? I'm in the game world lumber with SHL side New Hartford Capitals. The system says that I've played 56 games but the standings show 55 and I won the missing game. So can anyone look into this please
  9. Just wanted to know something. How many seasons does it take a manager before his reputation become successful?
  10. Hey guys, I realized Anders latest post about affiliate teams. But please tell me, how do I create an affiliate team and when am I allowed to do so?
  11. People i'm just wondering...How does a managers reputation improve?
  12. Guys I have a question. I noticed that when players with expiring contracts are signed, their new salary is not deducted from current season finances but rather from next season finances. So If I approach a player during silly season in a non playable league will his salary be deducted from the current season finances or will it be deducted from next season finances?