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  1. Mets send $50k to Detroit for Erick Pena (R). Mets looking for youth.
  2. Mets accept. Mets continue to rebuild for the future.
  3. The Mets trade SP Alberto Vega (to include the Mets retaining 100% salary for this year and the remaining year of his contract in 2024) to the Colorado Rockies for C Shea Langeliers AAA and CF Maurice Hampton AA. Mets trade Cy Young Alberto Vega to begin their first ever rebuild. Vega's age prohibits a long term commitment at this time. He will be more servicable to a pennant contender.
  4. Mets confirm ... needed a consistent and reliable OF batb vs RH pitchers. Drew who was playing DH for OAK this spring has carreer stats that fits the bill. Thanks Scott for the trade and GL with Torres.
  5. We have prospect catchers to replace Bird, allowing to put his salary to another position. Accepted.
  6. Russell Martin is probably the best back-up C in the league and would start for many teams. I hate to lose him, but I need to continue to cut salary and this trade works. Getting a promising prospect P in return. Thanks Sam, a pleasure.
  7. NYM confirm a trade with its rival, the Atlanta braves, to acquire the talents of C Greg Bird. The Mets will send three prospects back to the Braves in compensation: OF Millard Thomas, IF Bill Johnson and P Jacob Heatherlhy. GM r00k had this to say, "Giving up three very promising youngsters was something the Mets rarely do, but we feel that our best window for playoff success is this year and Greg Bird enhances that prospect immensely."
  8. Nothing special here. Receiving some prospect value for a Rule 5 loss from the roster. Mets confirm.
  9. Mets confrim. Mauer completes the team hopefully positioned for a successful run in the playoffs. Giving up two quality prospects was hard especially Tewks who I believe will dominate the closer position when he matures. Thanks to Jim for the trade that has had discussions for about a month.
  10. The Mets accept. The main justification was to give Brenton a reason to get drunk tonight. The backup reason is that Lester is absolutely nalls in the playoffs (which I remember all too well)!. We will indeed miss Gomez, a guy that has tools that he hasn't even found yet.
  11. NYM sends P Andy Dominick currently on waivers. Colorado sends C Scott Gaston (A+ - modesto Nuts) Mets gains C prospect for player on waivers.
  12. NYM sends Ike Davis currently on waivers. Mets also contribute $4.5 mil to this year's salary. Seattle sends C Sean Stewart (AA). Davis is expendable and was put on waivers. Seattle is picking him up for a prospect which will save the Mets 1/2 of Davis' salary, $4.5 mil.
  13. Veteran two time all-star with a 75 rating. This 30 year old still has a lot of game left and is looking for a new opportunity as he is out of a job due to the play of rookie Jefry Marte who won a Sliver Slugger award. Davis has limited action last year and was sent down to AAA because there was not room on the ML roster. He is itching to crack the bat once again in a new ball park. Latest ratings 55-60-60-55-45. Looking for a propect, or utility infielder with minor league options, or catcher with minor league options and of course will look at any pitcher that you may want to offer. Get him for spring ball.
  14. ditto, info for the Mets as well. Thanks.