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  1. Reds confirm. Howe is a guy the scouts like, but results have been less than stellar so far in an admittedly smallish sample. Plus, relievers are the least of our priorities right now. Lowe looks like a good, true CF prospect, which we're lacking in. This will allow Soleimani to slide to RF where he's probably more suited, and gives us some OF depth which we were missing.
  2. Reds confirm. Happy to free up a 40-man space for some extra cash.
  3. Reds confirm. Smoral is left handed, which is rare in our organisation, and he's young enough to stick around for a while. Plus he has the potential to start if needed. Jose Rodriguez mostly just fills an organisational need, but we do think he can actually develop if the baseball gods smile on him a little. Fawkes was a guy we didn't hate, but he's way down the pecking order in terms of pitching. A lot of tragic things would have to happen to other people for him to be a big-leaguer for us. As for the cash, we're still richer than Rocky so...
  4. Reds confirm. As Rocky once said, money isn't real and doesn't matter. We probably would've kept Gomez on the roster all season anyway but an additional $50k seems a fair price to pay for the flexibility of not having to.
  5. Reds confirm. We now have many options at 1B that are better than Pyke, including but not limited to a plank of wood with a baseball glove nailed to it. We didn't mind if he passed through waivers or not quite frankly so Eddie's call about a trade was appreciated. Gallegos helps fill an organisational need in the minors.
  6. Dodgers receive: JD Martinez (MLB) Reds receive: Cole Wilcox (Tulsa - AA) Drew Romo (Glendale - R) Raul Hernandez (Great Lakes - A) Wilcox is obviously the main prize and should be near the top of our rotation in a year or two. Romo is everything I look for in a catcher, elite defence, great personality and a bat that projects pretty similarly to what we currently have. If he's only a younger Matt Wieters that's more than fine by me, especially as he can help develop a pitcher or three on the way up through the system. Hernandez is a throw-in to fill an organisational need. Obviously JDM is going to leave a bit of a hole, but his contract will also leave a welcome hole in our expenses. Thanks for the negotiations, Sam.
  7. Reds confirm. Scott had already agreed this trade so I didn't want to stand in the way. :) Note that it's Masyn Winn, not Mason. Don't know why, ask his mother.
  8. Reds confirm. We're actually relatively ok in terms of pitching depth in the farm, so we could afford to give up Thompson, especially in return for Brey who will become one of the better hitters in the system with great defence at first base. Our other 1B prospects tend to be of the "not good enough to play X so first base will do" variety. Thanks to Soze for giving in eventually
  9. Pitt conf- wait, no. Hang on... Reds confirm. Wacha is basically our only competent MLB pitcher and there's no point keeping just one. Nolan Jones is one of those "shortstops who are really third basemen" we have a few of now; either one of them will play shortstop, or we'll invent a cool new kind of shift. Garcia is a longer term prospect but should be good, and is actually a natural middle infielder. Hooper has the bat, and will either learn to field or go back to the AL later. Nicasio was... necessary. To be fair, in our current rotation he's solid enough. Thanks for the quick negotiations Mitch. This now means my first trade with both of my teams was with Toronto... Let's hope Wacha doesn't veto this one...
  10. Pitt confirms. Wilhelmsen was nice to have, especially for free, but the team's issues this year extend far beyond the bullpen and he wouldn't negotiate with us beyond this year. In exchange for a few ultimately pointless months of a relief arm we get an arm we like in Bly, and Roa who's more of a lottery ticket, but is a Pittsburgh-born lottery ticket at least. Thanks Mitch for the talks. Hope Tom carries on the good work he's started on the North Shore instead of the work he started on the South Side!
  11. Cleveland Sends: ML 1B Anthony Rizzo, retaining 100% salary. Pittsburgh Sends: AAA SP Shawn Stephens We like Stephens, a lot. However 1B is in dire need of improvement and while Rizzo isn't having the best of times in Cleveland at the moment, we're hoping a change of scenery can turn things around for him. He's very solid defensively at the very least, which is better than we've currently got. Since we're not paying any of his salary, we felt it was worth a punt on Rizzo recapturing his former production in a close NL Central race.
  12. Pirates confirm. While we do like Alvarez, he's blocked at virtually every level in a position we don't foresee having a need at for a while. Our bullpen, however, is horrendous this year. While we're only a game out of first (somehow), it makes sense to at least try to repair that and Wilhelmsen, while he hasn't performed tremendously well for the Socks, has the tools to be a solid arm. We've had success with similar guys previously so decided to give it a shot, especially as we don't have to pay him anything. Thanks to Hodges for the quick negotiation.
  13. Pirates confirm. I'm sure peace treaties have been put together quicker than this deal! As Mitch said discussions have been going on and off basically since he entered the league. I really, really like Tim (obviously), but - with the exception of the hot start this year, he's not been great in reality. Hopefully a change of scenery will do him good. In return we're getting Tilson, who will come in and replace Hampton as the 4th OF. Decent defence (though not elite like Hampton), and should have a good enough bat for the role. Plus we're getting a prospect arm in Tristan Beck who may turn into something down the line. Thanks for putting up with me during the talks, Mitch!
  14. Pirates approve. We figure that we technically didn't have Garcia any more anyway, and taking a shot on Carpenter is worth the mild inconvenience that keeping Garcia on the 25 man would be to Justin.
  15. Pirates confirm. Recouping the money spent on Jair Jurrjens in return for something we didn't technically have any more felt like a good deal.