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    irbwilleo reacted to BostonGM in Red Sox/Braves   
    We add another quality Sp to the rotation which will push someone to the pen, which needs another arm anyways.  Penetra was extremely tough to let go, but a slight ratings hit and an extreme need now in our rotation pushed our had.
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    irbwilleo got a reaction from r00k in Atlanta and the Mets   
    Atlanta sends:
    Greg Bird, C MLB
    NYM Sends:
    Jacob Heatherly - SP, AA Binghamton
    Millard Thomas, RF MLB
    Bill Johnson, 2B R Port St Lucie
    Bird has been a spectacular piece of this team for years. and isnt asking for much to sign long term for a team with a different place in the league, but as of right now, Atlanta cant compete, and we need a better defensive catcher.  Thomas will be converted to an infielder and sent back to the minors to improve a bit, we love Heatherlys arm, and Bill Johnson looks like a future star at 2nd base.
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    irbwilleo reacted to Hostyle in Atlanta - Baltimore Trade   
    Baltimore agrees to this trade.
    The Orioles are attempting to rebuild their organization from the ground up. Ideally we would have liked to keep Aiken apart of those future plans but saw an opportunity to gain multiple prospects of his caliber to help with the rebuild.
    Gonzalez will be the heir apparent to Gallagher at the catcher position.
    Ferguson has a bright future as well and hope to have a similar impact as Aiken did for our team.
    We fully expect all of the assets that were acquired to have an impact on the future of this organization. 
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    irbwilleo reacted to irbwilleo in Atlanta - Baltimore Trade   
    Atlanta Sends:
    Dave Tatum RF AAA
    Raul Gonzalez C AAA
    Riley Ferguson SP AA
    Seth Beer 1B A+
    Baltimore Sends:
    Brady Aiken SP MLB
    Atlanta further empties our cupboards in an attempt to stabilize a team that won 96 games last year and went to the world series.
    Aiken has yet to really pitch at the level he seems capable of, but he gives us a young, left handed starter to slot into our heavily right handed rotation and pen.  Thanks for the long talks Drew.
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    irbwilleo got a reaction from gold2rush6 in Atlanta - San Francsico strike a deal   
    Atlanta Sends:
    Zack Grienke SP (MLB)
    Trey Ford 3B (MLB)
    San Francisco sends:
    Pablo Sandoval 3B (MLB)
    George Lunn RF (AA)
    Atlanta taking a big risk here, hoping some of our young arms are ready to come up and contribute.  You know old saying, when you are in the midst of a pennant race, deal your Ace!
    Sandoval should provide a spark we need on the offensive side, or at least reach base more than Ford has been, hopefully giving Cabbanas someone to drive home.
    Best of luck out West Mike!  Hopefully these guys can help fuel your turn around!
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    irbwilleo got a reaction from Fireman0911 in Baltimore/Atlanta   
    Atlanta confirms! A simple salary dump here.
    Thanks Naylor!