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  1. Atlanta confirms. Hot corner got crowded in a sneaky way. We see Black as a 2022 call up.
  2. Atlanta Sends: Danny Espinosa, 2B (MLB) - Fully retained Cleveland sends - Lil' Jordan Humphrey, CF (A - Lake County) Completion of a previous deal that had to wait until June 29th.
  3. Atlanta Sends Anthony Bass RP(MLB) Fully retained Cleveland Sends Alex Collins RP (MLB) M.D. Johnson, SP (A, Lynchburg) Flipping expiring contract for prospects, even if they are fliyers. Thanks Ayden!
  4. Atlanta Sends Javy Guerra, RP MLB (fully retained) Texas Sends: Manuel Chapa, LF (INT) Abelardo Leonez, 2B (INT) Guerra is a talented reliever, but we need 40 man room, and we aint competing this year. Chapa and Leonez are darts as we free up a spot in our pen for a youngster.
  5. Atlanta confirms. As much as I love Gray, he wasn’t viable long term for us. We grab a few fliers in exchange. thanks Mitch!
  6. Gomez has solid ratings, but has failed to hit in Boston. Hopefully he can find his swing in Atlanta! confirmed!
  7. Atlanta confirms. Dealing from a position of strength to bolster a weakness.
  8. Atlanta sends: Greg Bird, C MLB NYM Sends: Jacob Heatherly - SP, AA Binghamton Millard Thomas, RF MLB Bill Johnson, 2B R Port St Lucie Bird has been a spectacular piece of this team for years. and isnt asking for much to sign long term for a team with a different place in the league, but as of right now, Atlanta cant compete, and we need a better defensive catcher. Thomas will be converted to an infielder and sent back to the minors to improve a bit, we love Heatherlys arm, and Bill Johnson looks like a future star at 2nd base.
  9. Cincinnati sends: Kolby Allard, SP MLB Atlanta sends: Brennan Malone, SP A Rome Matthew Thompson, SP R Danville Royce Lewis 3B AAA Gwinett Fernando Leguizamo, SS Mississippi This is a ton of prospect capital, but grabbing a 22 year old left handed proven asset is a nice piece of our rebuild. Hopefully our depth is strong enough to stay on target to compete in 2021/2022. Thanks Scott, and best of luck post Allard!
  10. Atlanta Sends: Tyler Pill, Sp (MLB) Matthew Campbell, 1B AAA Gwinett Cleveland Sends: Riley Pint, SP A+ Lynchburg Brody Matthews, SP AA Akron Gregorio Lopez. 2B AAA Columbus Tyler Pill...... I feel like I done did a long time friend wrong here amigo..... But at least now you have a chance to win some shit this year. Atlanta trades expiring pieces for potential future assets. Thanks Ayden. Fastest deal I have ever made.....
  11. Atlanta Sends: Trevor Bauer, SP MLB Jiohn Bauer, SP AAA (retained 2020) Antonio Morales, 3B MLB Michael Sharp, SS MLB Ron Foster, 1B AAA Gwinett (retained 2020) New York Sends: James Tate, SP MLB Xavier Noonan, 3B MLB (IL) Robinson Rivera, RP MLB Mac Davis, RP MLB Max Fried, SP MLB (IL) Jaff Decker, OF MLB Austin Brice, SP AAA Derek Fletcher. 2B AAA Sranton Nick Schnell, RF A Charleston Matt Parker, SP A+ Tampa Atlanta deals its ace for a chance to reload the system, and free some cash for resigning Bird and crew. love what the trio of Noonan, Rivera and Tate bring to the table, and we think this accelerates our rebuild timeline by a year.
  12. Atlanta sends: Jong-Your Paek (OF, MLB) Angel Mata, RP (AAA Gwinett) Juan Garcia, SP (AAA Gwinett) New York sends: Tyler Pill SP,. (MLB) Kyler Murray, OF AA Trenton Thunder Luis Almanzar, SS (R, Tampa Yankees 2) Bryan Karapetyan, CL (AAA, Scranton) Paek lost his spot on the team with the aquisition of Buxton, and so Atlanta brings back an old friend in Tyler Pill, and grabs some young unheralded talent that we are fond of in the process. No joke, this marks the 5th time Rhett and I have traded Paek between teams we are running..... Thanks for the talks Rhett, go chase down Mitch :-)
  13. Atlanta confirms. Solidify a out 4th OF spot and improves 2B.
  14. Atlanta sends: Alec Bohm, 3B AA Jared Stevens, SS AA Pitt sends Pedro Jimenez, SP GCLR Bradenton Pirates Michael Gorset, 3B R Bristol Pirates Jared West, RF R Bristol Pirates Dealing from strength to cover a weakness.