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  1. Braves send - Kolby Allard, SP MLB (2022 retained) Oakland sends: Dylan Carlson, LF MLB James Serrano, RP MLB Cameron Jones, RP A+ Jordan Johnson, RP A+ In the offseason, the Braves made the decision to spend $ on free agents instead of resigning players like Allard and Sparks longterm. Because of that, we now have to move one of them. Allard returns to Scott after joining the Braves from Cincy when he was there. In return, Atlanta takes the chance that Dylan Carlson isn't the dogshit hitter he looks like, and adds 3 really solid bullpen arms. Its a huge gamble in the midst of a playoff hunt, but it has our best longterm interest in mind.
  2. Atlanta Sends: Masakazu Hirayama, RP MLB Arturo Rodriguez, RF AAA Pat Conway, RP AA Sebastian Ramirez, OF INT Colorado sends: Nick McCully, RP MLB Atlanta finally brings McCully back after years of trying. Rodriguez is ready for a shot in the bigs, but had no place in out OF. He should mash in Coors.
  3. Atlanta Sends: Austin Seigler, C AAA Sam Bazley, SP AA Pittsburgh sends: Abraham Jones, RP MLB Atlanta continues to reshape its bullpen with the addition of Jones. Seigler and Bazley are nice peices, but road blocks at the backstop and in the rotation made them expendable. Record time for a deal between Hodges and myself!
  4. Atlanta send: Bryan Karapatyan, RP MLB TOR sends: Peter Baldwin, SP A+ Jonathon Golding, SP R As Atlanta rethinks bullpen management and theory, Karapatyan no longer fit the mold of what we wanted. Thanks Mitch for the easy talks!
  5. New York Sends - Lucas Sims SP MLB Atlanta Sends - Adam Black CF (A+ Carolina) Sims is a quality bullpen arm to add for the second half of the year. Black is a good, speedy OF with potential, but we have a couple of those, so we were willing to pay the asking price. Thanks Rhett!
  6. Atlanta confirms. We love Abrams, but with Madrigal, Bichette and Thomas already in the bigs, we make a move for a more consistent offensive threat at 3B. Thanks to my man Hodges for another deal in our bag.
  7. Atlanta Sends: SP Porter Curran (MLB) 100% salary retention Boston Sends: Manel Penetra 3B (A+ Salem) Andrew Dalquist SP (A Greenville) Miguel Romano SP (INT) Porter Curran has been NOTHING but consistently excellent for Atlanta in his tenure, lowering his ERA each year. However, We shortened our rotation to 4 arms in the playoffs in 2021, and Curran never saw the mound. This year, with the addition of Andy Otero (another lefty), we had to stretch our rotation to 6 starters, which ate a bench bat. We had to make a move. Penetra was a HUGE target of ours last year, and though he took a ratings hit from OOTP21 to OOTP22, we are still very bullish on his future.
  8. Atlanta Sends: Ryan Boldt CF, DFA Lucio Baron, SP INT Pitt Sends: Jason Savacool, SP Bristol (R) Atlanta DFA'd Boldt and the Pirates inquired on him. We add a young promising arm that hopefully pans out in a few years. Thanks for the deal Greg.
  9. Atlanta confirms. Buehler should be able to turn his production around in the NL, with a solid defense behind him. Hate to let Rodgers run out the door, but our middle infield depth over the next couple years allows some flexibility and his departure gives Millard Thomas a path to regular at bats. This trade was 3 months in the making, quite literally. Thanks Scott for the persistence and patience
  10. Atlanta confirms. We have some room on the 40 man, and we are trying to find some serviceable bullpen arms. Thanks Vet!
  11. Atlanta Sends: Josh Lowe, CF, Carolina Cincinnati Sends: John Howe, RP, MLB Atlanta is in desperate need of competent LH bullpen pieces, and we believe Howe can be a good piece for us. Lowe looks like a future regular in the OF, but we have some depth, so I am comfortable with the sacrifice
  12. Atlanta sends: Dan Riggs, CF AAA Gwinnett New York sends: Jake From, 3B (R - Pulaski) From is hurt for awhile, but Atlanta is trying to grab as many former college QBs as we can apparently. thanks rheett!
  13. Atlanta confirms. Story didn’t work out in Atlanta, and became replaceable as our captain with Hager’s arrival. thanks Scott.
  14. Atlanta Sends: Brian Matsuz, SP, MLB (fully retained) Yankees send: Cladio Santos, RP AAA Miguel Zambrano, SP INT Matsuz wasnt going to help us compete this year (as we are in ahorrid position) so he heads to the retooling Yanks!
  15. Atlanta sends: James Tate, SP, MLB Byron Buxon, CF, MLB James Serrano, RP, AAA Oakland Sends Taylor Sparks, 3B MLB Tracy Maas, SP MLB Atlanta upgrades at the hot corner offensively and takes a hit in the rotation. We believe Maas will be a serviceable #5.