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  1. Atlanta sends: Dan Riggs, CF AAA Gwinnett New York sends: Jake From, 3B (R - Pulaski) From is hurt for awhile, but Atlanta is trying to grab as many former college QBs as we can apparently. thanks rheett!
  2. Atlanta confirms. Story didn’t work out in Atlanta, and became replaceable as our captain with Hager’s arrival. thanks Scott.
  3. Atlanta Sends: Brian Matsuz, SP, MLB (fully retained) Yankees send: Cladio Santos, RP AAA Miguel Zambrano, SP INT Matsuz wasnt going to help us compete this year (as we are in ahorrid position) so he heads to the retooling Yanks!
  4. Atlanta sends: James Tate, SP, MLB Byron Buxon, CF, MLB James Serrano, RP, AAA Oakland Sends Taylor Sparks, 3B MLB Tracy Maas, SP MLB Atlanta upgrades at the hot corner offensively and takes a hit in the rotation. We believe Maas will be a serviceable #5.
  5. Atlanta Sends: John Butler, MLB (DL) Boston Sends: Ronald Stanton, 3B, MLB Atlanta's rotation is set for the next few years, so moving a stud arm like Butler's doesnt hurt as bad as it should. We like Stantons potential at the bat, and hope his defense improves a bit. Thanks Brett, welcome home!
  6. Atlanta sends: Matt Manning, RP MLB Arizona Sends, Bo Bauer, SS A Kane County Atlanta sends current arms for future bats. We love Bauer, more than most scouts based on what I have heard, but willing to take the chance.
  7. Atlanta send: Mac Davis, RP, MLB philly sends: Dalton Varsho, C, AA Davis has been great all year, but we ain’t going anywhere fast. Varsho can compete for the starting role in 2021. thanks Jerry!
  8. Atlanta Sends: Travis D'Arnaud, C (MLB) Sonny Gray, SLP (MLB) $3.9m cash (to cover Gray's 2020 salary) CHW Sends: Sloan McBride, LF (AA) Mike King, C (A, Kannapolis) D'Arnaud was set to be the catcher for the 2021 braves, but Story makes his captain status replaceable. McBride and King are dart throws, but ill take a dart throw at this point.
  9. Atlanta approves. Story's versatility is needed on the infield, and we will toss Sanchez in the minors and work to develop him. Harden is a solid defensive catcher, which we need to develop our young arms. Thanks amigo! win one for the NL
  10. Atlanta confirms. Hot corner got crowded in a sneaky way. We see Black as a 2022 call up.
  11. Atlanta Sends: Danny Espinosa, 2B (MLB) - Fully retained Cleveland sends - Lil' Jordan Humphrey, CF (A - Lake County) Completion of a previous deal that had to wait until June 29th.
  12. Atlanta Sends Anthony Bass RP(MLB) Fully retained Cleveland Sends Alex Collins RP (MLB) M.D. Johnson, SP (A, Lynchburg) Flipping expiring contract for prospects, even if they are fliyers. Thanks Ayden!
  13. Atlanta Sends Javy Guerra, RP MLB (fully retained) Texas Sends: Manuel Chapa, LF (INT) Abelardo Leonez, 2B (INT) Guerra is a talented reliever, but we need 40 man room, and we aint competing this year. Chapa and Leonez are darts as we free up a spot in our pen for a youngster.
  14. Atlanta confirms. As much as I love Gray, he wasn’t viable long term for us. We grab a few fliers in exchange. thanks Mitch!
  15. Gomez has solid ratings, but has failed to hit in Boston. Hopefully he can find his swing in Atlanta! confirmed!