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  1. The Rockies confirm this deal. The Rockies have not had a legitimate leadoff hitter with speed and have been looking for such a player. Hernandez fits that mold and should be a solid trendsetter for the Rockies offense. We are thrilled to have him come to Colorado. Reifer has the makeup of what the Rockies are looking for in the bullpen with a 61% GB% and should do a nice job in middle relief or setup roles. Nicasio has strong ratings and our scout loves him but he just hasn't translated that into being a dependable starter for the team. He was decent last season with an ERA below 5 but was just getting pounded this season. With the strength of the current starting rotation, Nicasio pitched his way out of Colorado. Iglesias was slated to be the starter this season because of his strong glove at SS but the bat just isn't there yet. I think he will soon provide a solid bat to go with his glove. Thanks Rhett for the smooth negotiations and I wish you the best of success with the new players and with your season. Dan
  2. Fair enough. I guess this guarantees that teams will get the players they draft, period. The one concern I would have is that the bonus demands have to taken into consideration when drafting a player now because there is the potential of teams going into the red if they are close to breaking even and they draft high bonus demand players. Thumbs up from the Rockies!
  3. Constitution looks very thorough and strong. I did want to ask about bonus demands for amateur draftees. Why are we changing what the game allows us to do and that is to negotiate the bonuses? Here is the part of the constitution I am questioning: "Certain draft picks may demand a signing bonus. This signing bonus is not negotiable and will be charged to your team at the execution of the draft on June 7th." Each draftee has a certain level on whether it will be easy or more difficult to get them to accept a bonus demand. If easy, then oftentimes, teams can offer a lower bonus and still sign the player. For those that are difficult, a team almost always has to meet their demand for any chance of signing them. Why aren't we keeping this functionality, allowing teams to negotiate with draftees? If a draftee really wants to play for my team and states that it will be easy to sign them, why should I be forced to pay the full bonus demand if I can most likely sign him for less? Would appreciate the thinking but the board on this rule. I, too, thought it a bit interesting that there were almost more rules around the article writing than baseball rules And I actually got a good laugh at the less than serious consequences if some of the rules were not followed. Maybe that lack of seriousness isn't fitting as our esteemed Pirates GM noted but I wasn't personally put off by it. Excellent work and just want to get an explanation on why we are turning off draftee negotiations. Otherwise, I give my approval of this fine constitution. Dan
  4. Rockies confirm this trade. Though Brothers is only 25, he just hasn't shown he can pitch well for the Rockies. Even against weaker competition in spring training, he is getting pounded while other relievers are showing they are ready to take their place on the big league bullpen. Felt Brothers was expendable and hopefully he can turn things around for the White Sox. Focused on getting decent depth in the OF (Benson) while getting a future 1B in Schaffer. Thanks to Jonathan on the respectful and fruitful trade negotiations. Good luck to the White Sox.
  5. Rockies send: SP Drew Pomeranz (AAA) Royals send: LF/1B Chris Marrero (ML) Good luck with Pomeranz, Rhett. I hope he pitches to potential for you. Marrero will give my 1B slot a boost with his bat and glove and reasonable salary. Dan
  6. Rockies send: CF Dexter Fowler (ML) Cubs send: 2B Rougned Oror (S A) Fowler was no longer in the Rockies plan and had been waived but he can now spend his days in Chicago fighting for playing time while the Rockies get a decent though not spectacular prospect and save $2.6M in salary. Thanks, Justin.
  7. Ok, with Werth exercising his no trade clause, the trade is modified as follows: To Colorado: SP Matt Purke AAA SP Rick Porcello AAA SP Hudson Boyd A SP Peter Tago A 3b Ryan Wheeler AAA SS Jose Iglesias AAA To Minnesota: 2b Marco Scutaro Majors SS Troy Tulowitzki Majors I guess that frees up some payroll for me since I won't have Werth's crazy contract Again, good luck to Tulo and the Twins. A news report about the trade will be coming shortly. Good luck Rocky! Dan
  8. The Rockies confirm this deal and thank the Twins GM on smooth negotiations that resulted in this trade. We wish great success to Tulo and the Twins. While we lost a superstar, we were able to fill some of the many holes in the Rockies organization and if our scout is correct and I am patient enough to way 2 or 3 seasons for the youngest and best of the prospects we got to mature, the Rockies could be a solid contender in the NL West. I wouldn't rule out the Rockies in 2013 but the future does look brighter for the franchise.