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    psucolonel got a reaction from Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA in I cannot take this site seriously   
    Why not just have a scale that is relative to the genre?  On a 1-10 scale if Football Manager is a 9 (should be next to impossible to garner a 10…or at least extremely difficult) then games such as Out of the Park Baseball should be an 8, and a game like Front Office Football would be a 7.  
    there’s nothing wrong with scores like that for the better games in the genre.  Having everything an 8.5 or above (most are above 9) doesn’t help people.  If  it’s users who are voting I get it, but they really are NOT being objective, and the problem is these scores get published in a lot of different places.  
    it’s just my opinion that you may want to consider bringing some credibility to the review system here on this site.  It’s hard to take the current system seriously.
    again, I love the concept of this site, as I’m an avid fan of the genre.  I’m just trying to shed a little light on an aspect I think could be improved upon.  
    and yes, cheers to all of the hard working developers who strive to grow this genre !(especially stateside) 
    I’d even be good with using the real scale baseball scouts use.  In the 2-8 scale I’d give FM an 8, OOTP a 7 and FOF a 6.  
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    psucolonel got a reaction from Chris in I cannot take this site seriously   
    I think it is great this site exists for the genre of GM/management style sports games, but until the reviews get to be serious I can't take this site seriously.  Almost every score is a 9 or better and it is impossible to sort through which games are actually better than others.  The reviews need to be honest and objective, and they are NOT.  Until they are, I just can't take any of the published reviews here seriously.