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    faraday-baseball got a reaction from Chris in Faraday Baseball (OOTP 23)   
    Faraday Baseball League is an OOTP 23 modern online league. 
    - custom built website: user profiles, direct messaging, activity wall, forum posts and unlockable achievements.
    - Discord server with important date reminders, and MLB news.

    - MLB using all 2022 rules
    - "active waiting list", join our community through the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol
    - 17 developmental leagues: 9 summer college, American Legion World Series, PONY 18u World Series, Perfect Game 18u & 16u leagues
    - Off-season tournaments: WBC & Olympics - user controlled teams

    Find us online at: http://fbl.faradaysports.com
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    faraday-baseball got a reaction from Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Started playing Micro League Baseball, graduated to Earl Weaver Baseball, and at some point ended up with OOTP.