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  1. With the new European Super league suggestion it is fair to ask, what did they think about? All the owners seem to have forgotten about the fact that soccer is a game created by the working class and the fact that soccer is nothing without fans. Yes they are hit hard by the lack of income caused by the covid-19, but the clubs should take a look on the their spending and rethink the way they are running their business with out of control salaries and large transfers sums..
  2. Hi, I am all new here and have been looking for Basketball sim game and have now found DDSPB21. I am a NBA fan from Denmark and a Houston Rockets fan, eventhough they are far from winning anything this year. Hopefully with C. Wood and Porter JR. they can rebuild and rebound for playoffs.. Grumpy_Nun
  3. Russell Westbrook for the triple doubles and the huge effort on court.