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  1. Hey guys. I love GM games and play quite a few: Football manager; Motorsport Manager; Cricket Coach; OOTP; Franchise Hockey Manager; DDS pro football But I'm just starting to get into basketball and have just bought DDS pro basketball 2021 but as someone that is new to the game and pretty new to basketball in general. I was wondering if there were any good beginners guides out there to the game. Particularly around player attributes and game stats so that I can start to learn what I am looking for. If not then maybe someone could provide some help on the following: 1. A brief description of the role of each of the five positions 2. What are the key attributes for each of the five positions 3. What game stats should I be looking for in each position
  2. I haven't played the series in years. I used to buy it yearly because it was pretty much the only decent game out there, but haven't played for a while. I got into the series in like 98. I really enjoyed the original game play and Andrew Symonds was a beast in my Kent game. I always found it never quite replicated one day cricket as run rates would stick around the 4 runs an over of test cricket. Would love to hear from people that are still playing though to see if it's worth investing time in at the moment.