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  1. Hey guys, I´m new here just took a shot at the "draft day sports pro basketball 2021" manager and i hope it´s gonna be good. My Game with the most playtime is easily the Football Manager 13 by EA (which still gets Fan Patches every new year with updated rosters, jerseys, etc.). I kind wanted to try some other Sports Manager games. Out of the Park was good, but i think i was kinda overwhelmed, i don´t have much to do with baseball being from Germany and only having played a bit of an older MLB the Show game. I follow a lot of basketball and didn´t even know about DDSPB21 before today, so let´s see how it goes. That´s pretty much all about me for now, hope y´all are having a great day Laurin
  2. Chiefs, their Offense is even more scary now that they have Edwards-Helaire