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#35291 The Most Misunderstood Basketball Rules

Posted by crowek on June 07, 2018 - 02:48 AM

I received a private message from a former esteemed member asking if I've updated The Most Misunderstood Basketball Rules list since the rule changes came out back in the spring. I have, so I've decided to post it here.
I started working on this list back in March 2005, for a presentation that I was making to a college level basketball coaching class after I was asked to give a lecture on the most misunderstood basketball rules. 
This is a list of basketball rules that are often misunderstood by coaches, players, and parents. I developed this list over the past twenty-nine years, officiating thousands of basketball games, listening to erroneous comments from players, coaches, and mostly from fans, and thinking to myself, "I wish I could stop the game and explain the real rule to them". This list is meant to educate players, coaches, and fans.
For example. A player is dribbling the ball in the backcourt and a fan is yelling "three seconds". Or, a player is inbounding the ball and a parent yells "he's stepping on the boundary line". How many times have things like this happened to you? 
Please help. 
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