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#21153 New open source Football Management Sim Looking for Contributors

Posted by CodeLiftSleep on April 25, 2016 - 02:31 PM

Hey guys, just thought I'd update---switched to WPF from WinForms a few weeks ago and am making some good progress, even while learning XAML on the fly, as I can both build UI and code at the same time this way...basically starting from the front out...here are some screens from the Start New Game menu:

Team Info is pulled from the Team DataTable, which includes Primary, Secondary and Trim Colors for each team in Hex format that are used to update the various Texts, color schemes, etc on team pages.

Team Backgrounds auto-update as well as Team Helmets and Team Stadium pics...

Newest version has Team Roster DataTable

Start Game Menu ScreenShots

Will update when I get more progress completed with new pics

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#20182 New open source Football Management Sim Looking for Contributors

Posted by CodeLiftSleep on March 02, 2016 - 08:37 PM

Hey guys(and gals),


I have turned a project I have been working on myself for sometime now into an open source project called Goal Line Stand Football.  I have been playing simulation games all the way back to when I was growing up as a child when I used to keep stats manually for an 8 team league I created in MicroLeague Baseball...Many sports have some great simulation games out there...Baseball has OOTP Baseball.  Soccer has Football Manager.  Hockey has Franchise Hockey Manager 2. Football has....well, nothing really.  At least not something that compares in any way to those games.  This is an attempt to fix that.  


Our goal is to right many "wrongs" in a lot of the other football simulations out there.  From people being able to take advantage of playbook tricks to poor financials, evaluation AI, drafting AI, etc.  Our goal is to "Get It Right" on a foundational level first.  You should not be able to simply plug a CB in at Safety and not see some major issues.  You shouldn't be able to plug in an OT at OG who has never played the position in his life and be able to get by fine, if not have an upgrade because of their physical abilities. The list goes on.  Anyone who has played enough football sims knows exactly what I am talking about.  It just doesn't "feel" right.


We are looking for both passionate football fans who want to get involved with a project at a near ground floor level, and programmers who would like to work on a project such as this and gain valuable experience.  If you are a programmer and a football fan like myself, even better, however no coding experience is necessary to help. We have plenty of football related areas that we could use help in. This serves to combine my two passions(lifting is another, but isn't relevant to this, lol).  Nothing is build/release ready yet.  If you are expecting to be able to download something and start playing it, I'm afraid we aren't at that stage yet.  We are in the design stages.


There are some functioning parts that are completed but they are not connected together as of yet, including some extremely in depth player creation code to go along with draft grades, combine results, and player scout evaluation grades. There is a also a completed, fully functioning NFL scheduling algorithm complete with bye weeks(in 12 configurations) that took quite a while to get finished but is something, as far as I know, unrivaled in other football sims(I'm assuming most just take NFL templates--this is completely random but follows all NFL scheduling rules from year to year---teams play their division twice, a rotating division in the same conference once, a rotating division in the opposite conference once and their final 2 games are against teams in the same conference outside of their own division and the division they are already playing that finished in the same place as they did the previous year).


 In this case it's a good thing because people will have the ability to get involved and make meaningful contributions that will end up shaping the way the game is developed, designed and what features make it into the first version and how those are implemented.  I encourage anyone interested in helping to check out our page on GitHub for more information.  We also have an invite only discussion board/chat room on Slack that is integrated and quite active.  Feel free to message me or email me at codeliftsleep@yahoo.com if you would like to help.