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#38578 What are your teams like?

Posted by Scorevat53 on March 04, 2019 - 04:51 PM

Bermuda Nighthawks (Attack)




I feel stacked, but I guess we will see how the season plays out.

#35549 Season 12 Round 1 Predictions

Posted by Scorevat53 on June 16, 2018 - 10:13 AM

1v8 Cascade vs Wildwood

Cascade is clearly the superior team, they had issues wild Wildwood with every game close and Wildwood taking a game. I take a suprise upset with Wildwood winning 2-1

2v7 Bermuda vs Tullahoma

Bermuda has had major issues with Tullahoma all season finsihing with a 1-3 record. I am biased, but i believe Bermuda has a better team and can sneak the victory 2-1

3v6 Minnesota City vs Ithica

Minnesota won the season series 3-1 and honestly Ithica cant compete.
3-0 Minnesota City

4v5 Tioga vs Pittsboro

I think Tioga is a dark horse to win the GHL Cup, however this is a team they did not want to meet first round. They split the season series 2-2, with each team winning on the road. If that continues in the playoffs which i do believe. Pittsboro will win this one.

2-1 Pittsboro

#30742 Disable Computer Trading Completely?

Posted by Scorevat53 on October 27, 2017 - 05:45 PM

Ok so maybe instead of disabling completely, is it possible to maybe limit it to 3 computer trades per season? Or is that not a thought. I still think it should be a part because it limits managers on all abilities.

There is not really a chancr to improve my team this year and it sucks because i am 11th as i write this message.

I wouldnt mind this expect limit it instead of removing it

#29840 The first Official Cursed Franchise Challenge!

Posted by Scorevat53 on September 11, 2017 - 04:43 PM

I've kept track of your team for a while now, and you guys are actually cursed. Another team that's cursed is the Medicine Hat Assassins, they cant win a championship if their franchise depended on it. A few 1-0 leads in the championship, just to lose in 3 games. I wish them luck in the future, as I really respect their manager.

#28068 1st round pick 3 times for same team

Posted by Scorevat53 on June 22, 2017 - 02:42 PM

I was about to say. This draft sucks. He didnt gain anything in those trades. Canucks is a respectable player.

#27986 Time for a New fast world?

Posted by Scorevat53 on June 17, 2017 - 03:01 PM

Hard to retire 90+ players when some are 19yrs old.

#27947 Time for a New fast world?

Posted by Scorevat53 on June 16, 2017 - 01:04 PM

I really don´t have much reasons voting yes I guess ;)

  • My team has been doing decently in GHL ( not meaing to be cocky now) for at least, say, 15 seasons or so. Usually with a chance of making a push in the playoffs and even reaching the finals and also grabbing the cup, the trophy, a little now and then, 
  • I have made some adjustments every season, and made my 2nd rebuild last 2-3 seasons, so as of now I have a team I really like. It´s solid, has some depth and most of all is balanced a way I like it now. Both looking at attributes, skills, age and positions.
  • Most importantly! My team right now holds the 1st place in lumber and New Haven is having a great season so far!! Gotta like that :)
Still, and despite all that, I´m voting YES!
I am not superpumped for a reset, but I´m ok with it. Trying to set my own feelings and what would be my own "most fun" scenario and choice aside I think a reset would be the better thing for the game, and the Lumber gameworld. At least if it´s well thought through and planned, because it really isn´t a given thing it will work out.With that said I hope those of us that are in GHL and played a long time will have a chance to also choose a GHL-team, or be in GHL after the reset, if we want to. Anyways; The most important positives I come to think of is:

- Everyone gets a decent chance to get a fresh start, to build something new and to mold and shape a team the way they like it....from scratch! That´s something I guess many of us think is great fun and could forward too. I know I would :)
- The world itself has been a little to affected by bugs, problems, and right now is kind of unbalanced looking at the leaguestrenghts. 

- Most of all, a few teams is maybe to strong and most of all to deep and set up for seasons to come wit a lot of toptalents and top under-25 players. Talents getting a little more spread out I think is the MOST IMPORTANT benefit of a reset.
Still, as mentioned above there are a few negatives that's a little worrying:
- There is always a risk, and probably a likely thing to happen, that cpu-teams will be raided from start. But I  really don´t think that the trading with cpu-teams is the mainproblem. Trading is a part of the game, it´s the system and rules around it that´s the problem.
- Some mentions it will be bugs, problems, in a new world as well, but that´s really a non-argument. It doesn´t add anything, strenghten any of the sides...reset or play on...bugs will happen.
Still, I´m also a bit fed up with those (few) complaing about GHL-teams being strong due to bugs. It´s a such tiny part. Mainly in GHL:s the teams are strong because there are skilled and active managers that built their teams with a plan during many, many seasons! That´s the advantage they, and I have, and I don´t think any of us needs or wants to excuse ourselves for that.
But that´s also the reason I voted YES. Those many seasons in GHL is a big advantage. We´ve had time to build a great team, and having a good solid, deep team also means you have assets in the squad that makes it easier to "stay" strong. Like renewing starplayers contracts, having assets to use in trades, getting high draftpicks etc etc etc...

Hence I think a restart could be the better option. I  can see it as that it both can be a fun challenge with a restart and also, most of all, that it could be GREAT FOR THE GAME AND GAMEWORLD LUMBER to do a restart where everybody starts fresh from day one.About the mentioned negatives/risks above I have a few thoughts on trading and cpu-teams and the problems we´ve seen with that. Not sure if they are good but here they are. Let´s see if there is any thoughts on them ;)
- Squad size: My biggest concern and wht really disturbs me is the CPU-teams squadmanagement. No team, with active managers in lumber or teams in the real world, would in example have a squad with 5 goalies. Even less trade for a 10th d-man or a 4th goalie in a salarycap league. My suggesgtion is that as soon as a team goes into cpu-management it would be set with some kind of variables for the maximum players on each positions.
My suggestion would be like this: 5 c, 9 fw, 8 def, 2g. (no reason for more goalies since they don´t get injured)
- Any players added cpu is forced to add beyound that, i.ex. because of inury, would be contracts with releasueclause (lower league-style contracts) so a player coming in taking over won´t be sitting with an oversized squad with shitty contracts, meaning he needs half a season to clean up the mess. Overall I think the cpu is really shitty when it comes to manage squads, often seeing big squads with lots of average on long not so great contracts, that´s just bad!...who wants to take over such a team? 

- CPU-teams wouldn´t accept a trade that puts the team over that squadlimit on any position. Hence if u wanna trade with a cpu-team it´s much likely you´ll need to give up/add assets like talents and picks in a trade. This also means CPU-teams will be more attractive to take over IF they have been  cpu-teams for a while and maybe "raided" for some talents., since they more likely at least had a decent return and will have more balanced squads and more of talents 
-  Lower the penalty for realeasing older players, say 34 yo. (like paying 1/4 of the salary instead, half is A LOT I think) Maybe not totally realistic, but i thas two benefits.  Much of the cpu-trading that has been bad for the cpu-teams is because people have wanted to dump players and salary when an older player starts to regress more than one expected. Also if u have a cpu-teams that has a few older players u have a chance to balance up your squad a little with some penalty, but not a disastrous penalty.
-  Add lower league, releaseclause, as a possible contractclause for all leagues/contracts or at least for their first senior-contracts if possible. This would  mean more teams could take a gamble on youths that may be a few steps from really being ready to play in the big league, the seniorteam, but you still would like to keep to see how they develop.As said, just a few thoughts because I really don´t think it´s only the trading that is the problem. It´s as much about the system around trades and around cpu-teams squadmanagement that is the problem. If we are to get a new world, I think a few such changes is also necessary! My two cents ;)

I agree with what you say 100%. I also think the trading is better now so you have to give up more, but you look at Renegades who rejoined, he has a team with garbage contracts and millions of players with little to none worthy prospects. Thats very discouraging if youre joining a league. I like your points JoP, I hope things work out for everybody eventually.

Im rather happy with my team, but I sometimes want to feel the worry of my team meeting relegation, I also think new leagues means a lot of trades with users. I say this because some teams would have influx of defense and others forwards. It makes thing interesting imo. Also you cant keep leaving your team to get the best team if a reset happens because there is now a 2 hour penalty. Only worry is for people that want to keep their team names. That could cause issues.

#27839 Time for a New fast world?

Posted by Scorevat53 on June 10, 2017 - 02:34 PM

I understand that, but if your not in the GHL its really not a big deal. If you reach the GHL then your way behind because most teams have really good young teams with 92+ overalls at 25 yrs or younger since we were all around when the development was really high. Now its relatively low conpared to what it was, which makes it hard for new teams to compete. They literally have to sign a bunch of old guys to really have a chance. I mean it doesnt matter, but that is what I think.

#26480 Games

Posted by Scorevat53 on March 28, 2017 - 03:34 PM

Rocket League on the Xbox One especially, but love to play Madden and NHL 17 as well !

#25753 Tweaking of Draft[Too many D/G]

Posted by Scorevat53 on February 01, 2017 - 11:06 AM

Top 16 Draft picks since season 6 in Lumber :Season                 6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17         total
   Centers            3    5    2    1     4      1      3      3      0      1       3     1           27
   Forwards          8    6    4    5    4       6      3      3      5      4      8      3          59
   Defenders        4     4    5    7    5      7      3      5      4       9      5     8           64
   Goalies             1    1    5    3    3       2      7      5      7       2      0     4           40
Top 5 picks
Season                 6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17        total 
    Centers             0    1    0    1     2      0      1      1      0      1       1     1           9
    Forwards          4    2    0    0    1       3      1      1      2      1      3      0           18
    Defenders        1     2    3    3    2       2     1      0      3       3      1     2           23
    Goalies             0    0    2    1    0       0      2      3      0      0      0     2           10
First picks in game right now, with their current age and overall rating:
                       First Pick           Age, Overall           Current Team
Season 17 -  D, Eljas Koivula(18yo, 77o)                - Vanscoy Templars
Season 16 -  F, Kevin Jarolin(19yo, 83o)                 - Canucks Captains
Season 15 -  C, Bruno Schaller(20yo, 89o)             - Portland Steam
Season 14 -  F, Artur Zeman(21yo, 85o)                  - Dunkirk Sea Hawks
Season 13 -  C, Niklas Selanne(22yo, 90o)             - Vanscoy Templars
Season 12 -  C, Ricardo Cadena(23yo, 92o)           - Oshawa Cougars
Season 11 -  F, Valentin Drnovsek(24yo, 81o)        - Morden Black Widows
Season 10 -  C, Massimo Pickett(25yo, 93o)          - Wausa Reapers
Season   9 -  D, Sergey Levin(26yo, 89o)                - Cave Springs Silent Dragons
Season   8 -  G, Mario Schiavi(27yo, 88o)               - Free Agent
Season   7 -  F, Viljam Hakkinen(28yo, 93o)            - Valleyview Brown Bears
Season   6 -  F, Jayke Boulard(29yo, 95o)               - New Haven Whales
Centers are obviously scarce. There is abundance of goalies and defenders. However, so many young defenders with great GHL potential have been drafted by AI teams so they are sh!t and useless for GHL teams nowadays. 
PS: Fuck you Vanscoy Templars for having those 2 finnish youngsters. I was supposed to create a finnish GHL team. Seriously, fuck you.

PS. I like my finnish players too :D Even though i force them to play on a losing team (;

#19113 Goodluck to All

Posted by Scorevat53 on February 06, 2016 - 03:46 PM

Deadwood Outlaws would like to say good luck to everyone. Sadly we probably wont be competing in the playoffs this year and hopefully I dont get relegated but like Scorevat said, it looks like a lot of teams are talented and can win it all this year and it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I look forward to putting up a good fight in a few seasons.

Lol you beat me game 1. Im kinda frustrated becausw your goalie stood on his head

#18967 Fresh start on the official release?

Posted by Scorevat53 on January 31, 2016 - 05:19 PM

@GMS: Seriously bro, lose the "I didn't cheat" thing....you posted the screenshots of the messages from Anders to you about the same IP address being used for multiple teams yourself....what other proof will you need to convince yourself.....plus, someone not knowing English doesn't mean they're automatically unworthy or something....
@Senet: Np man, I was just saying that its better to just leave it...but people have obviously got some contorted version of events in their minds....

Thank you for saying what i was going to say. For now im just smh...

#18352 [UAT] Test Pilots

Posted by Scorevat53 on January 12, 2016 - 01:20 PM

I also really want to create a player at somepoint. Its been really fun playing this game for over a year. I cant wait until official server. Its going to be hard waiting 2 Weeks !! lol
Anyway Still a great game ! Future is bright
You have unlimited options

#17762 [UAT] Test Pilots

Posted by Scorevat53 on December 03, 2015 - 10:19 AM

In UAT II ive chose a different team. You will see me in UAT II as the Bermuda Predators. Thanks Bouncer for joining the LIHL!!

#17391 Developing young players

Posted by Scorevat53 on November 23, 2015 - 03:42 PM

I Play in the UAT a 3 hour league which is currently in year 11


- Nat Loyal are your best bet but to me its kind of random on the motivation (Had a 76ovr goalie develop to 97 over 5 years but Lazy)

The Nat Potential wil give you the fastest development while the Loyalist will make the player cheaper. I'm not to concerned with anything else, that's the major thing to focus on. I wouldn't bank on all your players developing but you can count on about 3 Ovr a season as long as theyre training hard. I Always have my players training hard because I haven't noticed them get tired at all


Your development starts to slow around the age 28ish id say because that's when their prime. Around Age 35 is here they regress imo but could be earlier depending on the training.



Side Note: I Signed a Nat Team Player at 71 Ovr at 18 yr old. He is now 28 and is 93Ovr. So sometimes its just lucky. If he doesn't develop well after 2 seasons chances are he isn't going to develop. Keep track of your tatics because certain players play better under certain tatics