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#38025 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by canucks357 on January 11, 2019 - 05:11 PM


#36389 [SOLVED] Post-Pause New Season Player Stats Duplicated

Posted by canucks357 on August 06, 2018 - 02:08 PM

Ok, the player stats should now be fixed. Please let me know if there still are any problems. Thanks


Looks good to me. Thanks for tidying that up :)

#36091 [SOLVED] Post-Pause New Season Player Stats Duplicated

Posted by canucks357 on July 24, 2018 - 11:58 AM

Howitzer just came out of pause to start a new season. Noticed this in my player's stats history (same for all players I've checked on my team):

Season 25	Goblins	GHL	59	5	12	17	6	51	5	3	0	0	0	0	92	39	46	2	27	0	0	-	00:00	02:00	19:00	75
Season 26	Goblins	GHL	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	-	00:00	00:00	00:00	-
                Goblins	GHL	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	-	00:00	00:00	00:00	-
                Goblins	GHL	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	-	00:00	00:00	00:00	-
                Goblins	GHL	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	-	00:00	00:00	00:00	-

#36078 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on July 23, 2018 - 10:13 AM

Congrats canucks357(Goderich Goblins) on your first Howitzer GHL Championship!


Thanks! It came as quite the surprise! Had a little help, and a little luck, along the way.


congrats to goblins. nothing against you or your team but i think it shows that all i said in my previous message was right. any suggestions for a real good hockey manager game ? i would really like to find better even if the game here is better than nothing and has its good things but it also has its problems. for example , the game here keeps simulating and had many server problems and we lost our logos and there is not much improvement to the simple website. its not because i did not win the playoffs at all. my team is not one of the best anyway. its because i think this game is just like rolling a dice like i said and i would like something more realistic with a better website , more action and better graphics. a game where stats , ratings and results go together. if you know any please let me know. thanks alot.


I was thinking the same thing. The teams are so homogeneous (every team has a full lineup in the 90-95 range) that anything can win. I've targeted players for their personalities and have noticed a couple interesting observations. On that note, and your comment specifically, shoot me a message in-game.

#36037 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on July 20, 2018 - 07:41 PM

I hate my team. LOL. I thought the year would go great since I got some of my key veterans returning, but all it did was just sink me in 16th early on. It took me 10 games to actually get out of 16th only to be stuck in 15th for 5-8 games. I stayed mediocre for the rest of the season then my team finally woke up but it was too late. I made a playoff push and on the last day of games, I beat my opponent 5-2, which I thought would seal my playoff hopes, but no I lost out the #8 seed to another team that had a goal differential of +4 and I had +3. It was quite disappointing and quite upsetting since this was my second time of not making playoffs in franchise history. I just wanted to share my story...BE Prepared no matter how good you think your team is! Good Luck to all teams in playoffs and everyone BE PREPARED, I WILL BE BACK! lol :cool:


And just like that my top player is out the rest of this round and I lost game 1 (at home) in a shootout. Grrrrr

#35852 Mascot issue / Solutions

Posted by canucks357 on July 10, 2018 - 09:26 AM

On another manager game I play adding custom logos is nice, but you get some very low quality uploads by some people that really takes away from the aesthetics of the game (consider a logo on a jersey with a white rectangular background on it).


I'm curious where the logos were licensed from. I saw some from this game on Shutterstock and if you buy a license to the images on Shutterstock they are yours to use for life (as confirmed by email by Shutterstock staff). It'd be a pricey alternative, but it'd be a one-time expense.

#35362 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on June 09, 2018 - 01:14 PM

And just like that, lost all the recent games. 2 points up on 9th playing 2nd when 9th is playing last. I may go through all this and miss playoffs anyway - finishing with a mid-round pick as a reward.

#35334 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on June 08, 2018 - 07:19 AM

Please don't destroy me. lol. Good Luck the rest of the way and into the playoffs!


Penultimate game of the year could be a big one given how close we are!

#35324 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on June 07, 2018 - 07:59 PM

I've won 9 of my last 10 and just beat the top team. I think my team is telling me what I should do. All-in it is! Up to 6th now setting up a potential series vs a team I've consistently done well against for some reason.

#35269 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on June 06, 2018 - 08:18 AM

In my experience, playing in the playoffs will give you more manager and team reputation which in turn will let you get high rated players for a cheaper price. Depending on the player, they can either grow a lot or stay stationary. I once had some guys jump from a 88 to a 90-91, but that was also the year I won the cup. Other years, they usually grow 1 overall or stay stationary. the pros of making the playoffs is gaining reputation and maybe a possible overall jump for some players. The cons of making the playoffs is that if you aren't a top team, you wont get every far and you lose a potential top 5 pick as you mentioned, but also there is the lack of fulfillment of not making the playoffs(wheather its exiting early or not making them at all). If the draft class is decent enough I would risk going into the playoffs, but since this years is a bit weaker than previous years, I would suggest playing younger players so they can "get used to" the big club and vs big league teams.


Thanks for your reply and comments. I fell short and landed 9th last year, a significant reduction in draft value from previous seasons. I'll give it another game or two and see what I can get. I suspect, unless I keep this winning roll going, the last 5+ games will be a young squad for reasons you mentioned. Good luck the rest of the year!

#35254 Playoff Push?

Posted by canucks357 on June 05, 2018 - 08:19 PM

I'm torn. I'm currently 1 point out of the 8th and final playoff spot with 8 games remaining. I'm 14 points clear of 13th. My conundrum is, what value is there to pushing to make playoffs? I doubt I can upset either of the top-2 seeds. So, in essence, I'd just be screwing myself out of a good draft pick. Is there any value to making playoffs? Do players develop a lot in a short period of time? Does team rep go up and players sign for cheaper? What are the pros of that outcome? With as weak as this year's draft is, it seems a lot more pragmatic to play my youngsters the rest of the year to give them GHL development time and take (hopefully) a top-5 pick.

#34756 [SOLVED] Waiver claims 2 players stuck!

Posted by canucks357 on May 20, 2018 - 03:12 PM

Wow That was disheartening . When I made the claim on Sandstrom I was the only one who had claimed him. After 8 days still no one had claimed him. It should have closed after 4 days. Then I made a post on it and all of a sudden two more claims well after it should have closed. Guess who came up empty handed. SIGH!


Seriously Now I have 7mil that was to go to a couple of players to better my team and now its too late to even pick up alternates. The team that aquired both Sandstrom and Bugri should not have even been part of the waiver as he entered the waiver after it was supposed to have concluded. 


Ouch. Kinda shady if the new bidders were trying to scoop you. 

#34423 Communication (in GHL)

Posted by canucks357 on April 25, 2018 - 05:48 PM

If it does go away, it will be once playoffs start and you receive the “reminder: expiring contracts” message. Sometimes for bubble teams (though I don’t consider you one any more so this shouldn’t be a problem) they will refuse to negotiate at all.


Thanks. I've wanted to get some players locked down and have been checking every couple of days.


In your opinion, I want to re-negotiate the pending contract of the player I just acquired. If I do this do I risk the wait period dragging on and him potentially being poached elsewhere? Would I even get that much of a discount compared to a team currently 15th?


Also, thanks for the compliment re: not a bubble team anymore. I'm really happy with how my tactical settings (minus PK - I'm at a loss there) have helped me climb out of the cellar after the first 10 games on suspended autopilot.

#34420 Communication (in GHL)

Posted by canucks357 on April 25, 2018 - 02:41 PM

So, I decided to brave it and complete a trade - shame the experience earlier has made me trigger shy. Anyways, made a deal with a team destined for the SHL. Received a single player on a one-way contract that would be lost for nothing in exchange for a myriad of defensive assets. Owner negotiated an additional player to be added in from my first offer - all are on two-way deals (and those expiring will surely accept another two-way deal before the season is up) and will benefit him next season.


Sidebar: Does anyone know when the "I'm happy with my contract" will be removed and we can negotiate deals with players on expiring contracts?

#34131 Proper Handling of Shootout Stats

Posted by canucks357 on April 07, 2018 - 07:39 PM

Had a 1-0 shootout loss today (0-0 after 65 minutes). Was surprised to see my goalie given a 0.969 sv% despite only surrendering a goal in the shootout. This is in contradiction to NHL rules. In this situation, both goalies would be credited with a shutout. The only stats from the shootout that translate to player/team stats in a main table is a +1 GF for the winning team and +1 GA for the losing team. The player credited with the shootout winner in my game is credited with a goal in his season stats too, something that doesn't happen in real life.