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Kelowna Rockets - 2014

Started By StevenStamkos91, Sep 26, 2015 06:19 PM

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Hello all readers, I will be taking over the Kelowna Rockets as they are my hometown team. The best players on the team are Leon Draisaitl, Madison Bowey and Nick Merkley. The top prospects include Dillon Dube, Jake Morrissey and Callun Foote. 


The team was won 3 previous WHL championships with the latest coming in 2009. 


The board expects me to win the Championship this year. 

Current FHM Dynasty: 1931-32 Season

*Want to start a FHM 2 Historical League, need 6 GM's*


Current OOTP Dynasty: 1871-72 Season

*Want to start a OOTP 16 Historical Dynasty, need 6 GM's*


PM me if interested in joining. 


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What game are you using?


YAY MORE Hockey Dynasties.  We need MORE of these.  Hopefully with NHL16's improvements, EHM:EA and FHM2 also being out and both solid hockey sims

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