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  1. The Victory Hockey League (VHL) is an online, browser-based hockey simulation forum. After signing up on the forum, creating and customizing your player is simple - you have almost total control over the type of player you want to have, and you will go through the entire career process, complete with drafts, a minor league, waivers, free agency, trades, and more. To progress and grow your player, you can do a variety of things each week to earn points, including writing short articles, doing graphics, recording podcasts, or even creating short videos. There's lots of options to accommodate every user regardless of how much time you choose to invest in your player. Put your recruiter as StevenStamkos91 Get your career started today at
  2. Hello guys, I have just started a league. It will be run with FHM 2. We will start in 1931-32 and we need 1 more GM to get started. You do not need the game. but if you have it that is fine as well.
  3. April 2nd offday April 3rd offday April 4th, Game 1 (0-0) In the top of the 1st, the White Stockings score 4 runs on 4 hits and 2 errors. York hits a triple and Anson hits a double. Treacey and Barrows hit singles. 3B Gene Kimball and CF George Heubel. In the bottom of the 1st, McMullin strikes out 2 and hit a batter but nothing came of it. In the top of the 2nd, Al Barker singles into right, other than that nothing happens and nothing comes of it. Bottom of the 2nd, brought nothing, 1,2,3 inning. In the top of the 3rd, nothing happens as it is a 1,2,3 inning for Al Pratt of the Red Stockings. In the bottom of the inning, Andy Leonard provides a single and than got thrown out by Tom J Foley who is 1 for 1 (100%) in throwing runners out. Still 4-0 The top of the 4th brought another error by George Heubel. Nothing came of it as the score remains 4-0 Chicago. Bottom half McVey singles with 1 out. He steals 2nd base and ends up on 3rd due to a throwing error by Tom J Foley who is 1 for 2 (50%) in throwing runners out. Nothing comes of it though and McMullin get out of the 4th with a runner stranded at 3rd. Joe Start singles into right with 2 outs but is stranded at first. Everett Mills starts the bottom half of the inning with a single up the middle. after 2 outs, Kimball grounds to Anson who fumbles to ball and everyone is safe. The next batter however strands the runners after flying out to center. To start the 6th, Treacey and Barrows single. Jimmy Hallinan comes to the plate and hits a 3 run home run! it is now 7-0 Chicago. After 2 outs, Al Barker and Tom York hit singles. Barker goes from 1st to 3rd. Nothing comes of it as Start flies out to RF. In the bottom half McMullin hits McVey again. McVey tries to steal 2nd but is thrown out by J Foley who is 2 for 3 (67%) in throwing out baserunners. The 6th ends with the White Stockings still leading 7-0. Anson starts the 7th with a single into LF. Treacey hits a grounder to short and Flowers cant handle it, all runner are safe. Anson and Freacey move to 3rd and 2nd with a double steal being executed. Hallinan singles into LF, Anson scores and Treacey tries to score but gets thrown out by John Hatfield. The White Stockings extend their lead to 8-0. McMullins hits another batter as he nails Heubel with 2 out. Nothing comes of it. 2 are gone in the top of the 8th when Tom York hits another triple into the LF corner. Joe Start comes out and hits a shallow single into the right center and York scores. Anson doubles into RF and Start tries to score from 1st but gets thrown out by Clipper Flynn. It is however, 9-0. The Red Stockings go down quietly in the 8th going 1,2,3. Barrows singles to start the 9th and will end up at 2nd after a Jimmy Hallinan ground out. Everett Mills drops a ground out by Joe Simmons and everyone is safe. J Foley then grounds out to go 0 for 6 tonight. McVey wont go down without a fight as he starts the bottom half with a single. after 2 outs, Tom J Foley is charged with a passed ball and McVey goes to 2nd. Mills ground out 5-3 to end the game. John McMullins has a 4 hit - 2 K shutout to start his MLB career! 1,610 came to the home opener and 1,610 went home disappointed in the Boston Red Stockings. PoG went to John McMullin of course. Tom York sets new NL record with 2 triples this game. Standings NL WC Brooklyn Atlantics 1-0 Brooklyn Atlantics 1-0 Chicago White Stockings 1-0 Chicago White Stockings 1-0 Boston Red Stockings 0-1 1GB Boston Red Stockings 0-1 1GB Cincinnati Reds 0-1 1 GB Cincinnati Reds 0-1 1 GB Chicago White Stockings 1-0 Boston Red Stockings 0-1 1GB Cincinnati Reds 0-1 1 GB
  4. Spring Stats: Pitchers - SP - John McMullin - 7 GS, 5-1, 55.2 IP, 2.59 ERA, 9 BB, 4 K, 3.77 FIP RP - Frank Fleet - 8 G, 1 GS, 1-1, 1 SV, 1 HLD, 21.1 IP, 5.48 ERA, 10 BB, 1 K, 4.37 FIP Batters - C - Tom J Foley - 45 AB, 12 H, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 18 R, .267 AVG, .911 OPS, 1 SB 1B - Joe Start - 51 AB, 16 H, 15 RBI, 23 R, .314 AVG, .972 OPS, 4 SB 2B - Frank Barrows - 43 AB, 15 H, 1HR, 15 RBI, 11 R, .349 AVG, .869 OPS, 1 SB 2B - Tommy Beals - 42 AB, 12 H, 7 RBI, 9 R, .286 AVG, .681 OPS 3B - Cap Anson - 38 AB, 13 H, 7 RBI, 22 R, .342 AVG, .894 OPS, 6 SB 3B - Warren White - 31 AB, 8 H, 2 RBI, 10 R, .258 AVG, .633 OPS, 1 SB SS - Jimmy Hallinan - 52 AB, 18 H, 9 RBI, 18 R, .346 AVG, .851 OPS LF - Al Barker - 29 AB, 10 H, 8 RBI, 8 R, .345 AVG, .998 OPS (DH) LF - Tom York - 26 AB, 10 H, 7 RBI, 17 R, .385 AVG, 1.408 OPS (14 BB, .600 OB), 1 SB CF - Fred Treacey - 51 AB, 15 H, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 25 R, .294 AVG, .892 OPS, 18 SB RF - Joe Simmons - 55 AB, 16 H, 18 RBI, 13 R, .291 AVG, .780 OPS, 4 SB Line-up: 1. Tom J Foley 2. Al Barker 3. Tom York 4. Joe Start 5. Cap Anson 6. Fred Treacey 7. Frank Barrows 8. Jimmy Hallinan 9. Joe Simmons Starting Pitcher: 1. John McMullin Closer: Frank Fleet
  5. I enjoy it bud. I liked the in depth view and your thoughts on it. but this way is still interesting too, so whatever you feel like, im here reading
  6. Hello all readers, I will be taking over the Kelowna Rockets as they are my hometown team. The best players on the team are Leon Draisaitl, Madison Bowey and Nick Merkley. The top prospects include Dillon Dube, Jake Morrissey and Callun Foote. The team was won 3 previous WHL championships with the latest coming in 2009. The board expects me to win the Championship this year.
  7. Loved reading this, just too bad you stopped doing what you did in the beginning
  8. As I'm simming through the spring, I received some terrible news and Cherokee Fisher will be lost for 6 months with a Torn Rotator Cuff. So that sucks and is a reason why I hate Spring Training. So I acted quick. I traded RF Gat Stires to the Philadelphia Athletics for SP John "Lefty" McMullin. It was either McMullin or McBride from the St.Louis Brown Stockings and "Lefty" had better stuff and his pitches were more developed. Both teams wanted Cap Anson for their better pitches but I was having none of that. So i had to make the decision to give up Gat Stires. Spring Standings: AL: 1. St.Louis Brown Stockings - 9-3 2. Philadelphia Athletics - 8-4 ..... 1 GB 3. Cleveland Forest Citys - 4-8 .... 5 GB 4. Baltimore Canaries - 3-9 ..... 6 GB NL: 1. Chicago White Stockings - 10-2 2. Brooklyn Atlantics - 7-5 ..... 3 GB 3. Cincinnati Reds - 4-8 ..... 6 GB 4. Boston Red Stockings - 3-9 ... 7 GB
  9. Spring Training Predictions: AL 1. Philadelphia Athletics 19-11 2. Baltimore Canaries 15-15......... 4 GB 3. Cleveland Forest Citys 15-15.... 4 GB 4. St.Louis Brown Stockings 12-18... 7 GB NL 1. Chicago White Stockings 17-13 2. Brooklyn Atlantics 16-14 .... 1 GB 3. Cincinnati Reds 15-15 ..... 2 GB 4. Boston Red Stockings 13-17 .... 4 GB Top Hitter: AL - Ned Cuthbert 2 HR, 29 RBI, 17 SB, .339 AVG, .367 OBP, .668 SLG% NL - Lip Pike 5 HR, 34 RBI, 10 SB, .371 AVG, .398 OBP, .795 SLG% Top Pitcher: AL - Al Spalding 14-15 3.53 ERA, 264.1 IP, 40 BB, 28 K NL - Cherokee Fisher 13-10 3.51 ERA, 206.2 IP, 26 BB, 16 K
  10. 2nd Round, 12th Overall: Chicago selects Third Baseman Cap "Pop" Anson Cap Anson has potential to be one of the best home run hitters out of this draft. He also has good contact skills with potential for more. His baserunning is fine and will steal here and there. He is also pretty good defensively. 3rd Round, 21th Overall: Chicago selects Center Fielder Fred Treacey Fred Treacey was selected to be my starting CF. He will complete the 1-2 punch in the lineup with Anson as he has hands down the best HR power in MLB in the upcoming season. His contact skills need work though. His baserunning is top notch and will steal a lot in the upcoming seasons. 4th Round, 28th Overall: Chicago selects Relief Pitcher Frank Fleet Frank Fleet was select to provide depth at the pitching position. He has some geat stuff and good movement with great control. His stamina is very low so expect 9th inning duties for him. 5th Round, 37th Overall: Chicago selects Left Field Tom York Tom York is welcomed to Chicago as a another player with HR power with solid contact skills. The only down side is his base running as it isn't the greatest. On defense he leaves a bit to be desired but he should more than make it up with his bat. 6th Round, 44th Overall: Chicago selects First Baseman Joe "Old Reliable" Start Joe Start is a contact hitter who will occasionally go yard once or twice a season. He isn't the best runner on the bases bit it will do that job. His defence is top notch and should be in the running for a few Gold Gloves in his lifetime. 7th Round, 53rd Overall: Chicago selects Right Fielder Gat Stires My outfield is set with the drafting of Gat Stires. He brings some gap power which equals doubles and below average contact skills though. His HR power is up to par with the rest of the outfielders so, we should have a very potent lineup. He should be ok on defense as well. Not gold glove worthy but not a liability either. 8th Round, 60th Overall: Chicago selects Catcher Tom J Foley Now to fill out my battery duo with the selection of a catcher. Tom Foley was the man I selected to be the catcher. His game calling and defence is just fine, but his hitting needs a bit more work as he has below average contact skills. He has excellent speed and will be a threat to steal whenever he gets on. 9th Round, 69th Overall: Chicago selects Shortstop Jimmy Hallinan I selected the Irishman to be my new SS as he had the best potential contact rating and overall potential with 4 star potential. He has little contact skills as is but has the potential to be on of the few great hitting SS in the game. That is all of course on talk of his potential. He is a work in progress on defence so let's see if this gamble will pay off in the future. 10th Round, 76th Overall: Chicago selects Second Baseman Tommy Beals With my last position to fill, I decided to take Beals. He can play 2B pretty well as well as be a backup OF if need be and play a little but of SS. His main position right now though is 2B. His contact skills are well below average but can improve to just below average. 11th Round, 85th Overall: Chicago selects Center Fielder Joe Simmons Joe Simmons will be my back up CF and could also possibly play 1B and RF if need be. Like most this low in the draft his contact skills need work if he wants to be a everyday player. 12th Round, 92nd Overall: Chicago selects Second Baseman Frank Barrows On second thought, Frank Barrows and Tommy Beals will battle it out for the starting 2B job. Frank has some ok contact skills but what pops out is his gap and HR power. It is very solid as well as his baserunning. He can also play LF and RF. 13th Round, 101st Overall: Third Baseman Warren White Warren White will be my backup 3B but can also play 2B and SS as well. He is very good on defence and will be an ok hitter. We will see what happen in spring training. 14th Round, 107th Overall: Left Fielder Al Barker At this point in the draft you shouldn't read to much into who you select as it is basically a crapshoot. I took 31 year old Al Barker to fill up the bench and hopefully provide leadership due to his advanced age. Position Overview: C - Tom J Foley 7th out of 8 1B - Joe Start 2nd out of 8 2B - Frank Barrows 8th out of 8 3B - Cap Anson 3rd out of 8 SS - Jimmy Hallinan 8th out of 8 LF - Tom York 5th out of 8 CF - Fred Treacey 2nd out of 8 RF - Gat Stires 3rd out of 8 SP - Cherokee Fisher T-1st out of 8 RP - Frank Fleet 1st out of 8
  11. Draft Order: 1 - AL ~ Cleveland Forest Citys 2 - AL ~ Baltimore Canaries 3 - NL ~ Brooklyn Atlantics 4 - NL ~ Cincinnati Reds 5 - NL ~ Chicago White Stockings 6 - AL ~ St.Louis Brown Stockings 7 - AL ~ Philadelphia Athletics 8 - NL ~ Boston Red Stockings There are about 23 players of the 115 who have a potential of 5 stars. So by simple math each team will get about 3 players with 5 start potential. The only thing is that there are only 10 Starting Pitchers and 12 all together so the pickings will be slim there, Expect mostly pitchers in the beginning of the draft. without further adieu, here is the draft (1st round only then will just talk about my players): 1st Round, 1st Overall: Cleveland Forest Citys select Starting Pitcher George "Charmer" Zettlein: George is a surprise 1st overall pick. He has potential for unbelievable control and great movement but his stuff is decent at best. His best pitches are as follows: Splitter, Fastball, Slider and Curveball. He throws between 89-91 MPH. 1st Round, 2nd Overall: Baltimore Canaries select Starting Pitcher Al Spalding: Al was the 1st overall pick everyone was expecting. His control and movement are much like those of Mr. Zettlein but his stuff was better and his Splitter was better as well. He also throws 90-92 MPH. Very interesting top 2 picks. 1st Round, 3rd Overall: Brooklyn Atlantics select Second Baseman Ross Barnes: The 1st position player off the boards is young 20 year old Ross Barnes. He is an excellent defender and should win a few gold glove awards and is also a great batter. He has makes great contact but has potential to do even more as a hitter. His gap power is off the charts but his home run power may never develop. He also is an excellent baserunner. Not bad for the first position player off the boards. 1st Round, 4th Overall: Cincinnati Reds select Starting Pitcher Asa "Count" Brainard: Asa Brainard comes into the draft as one of the more older gentlemen. He is 29 and in his prime but only for a few more years. Despite his age the Reds select him in hopes of using and in his prime pitcher who is unlike those drafted ahead of him. He has great stuff but his movement and control are just a notch under Zettlein and Spalding. His Sinker is by far one of the best pitches in baseball. He also throws between 90-92 MPH. 1st Round, 5th Overall: Chicago White Stockings select Starting Pitcher Cherokee Fisher: With the SP group dwindling down I decided to take one of the last few 'better' pitchers. Cherokee is a bit on the older side at 26 but is young enough to improve even if it's by a little bit. He is mostly a 3 pitch player who uses a 90-92 MPH fast ball to good use. He also throws a ChangeUp and a Curveball. His control and movement are up there with the rest of the 1st round SP but his stuff lacks a little but, hopefully that improves. 1st Round, 6th Overall: St.Louis Brown Stockings select Shortstop George Wright: The 2nd position player of the boards is SS George Wright. He is a plus defender and is a threat on the bases with blazing speed. He has some decent contact skills that should develop into great contact skills and has some great gap power and might hit the odd home run here and there. 1st Round, 7th Overall: Philadelphia Athletics select Starting Pitcher Bobby Mathews: The 5th SP taken in the 1st round is Bobby Mathews. He has 3 pitches that he relies on. a 90-92 MPH Fastball to go along with a Curveball and a Screwball. He also has good movement and control and so far has the most stuff potential I've seen throughout the 1st round. 1st Round, 8th Overall: Boston Red Stockings select Starting Pitcher Al "Uncle Al" Pratt: Uncle Al Pratt is the last choice of the 1st round making it 6 SP gone. He has some good stuff and his movement and control are much like the others The only difference is he has a better cutter than fast ball. he also throws a slider and curveball. That concludes the 1st Round, tune in tomorrow to see how the rest of the Chicago White Stockings draft went.
  12. January 1st, 1871 Without much downtime from getting hired to the inaugural draft, I must say, being a GM is harder than I thought. From the time I was hired I was already looking threw numerous reports on the inaugural draft. The Chicago White Stockings were slated to pick 5th overall out of 8 teams. This will be a snake draft so being in the middle is the worst place in my opinion. 115 player reports were on my desk the moment I got in there so I went to work. Oh yea the staff that prepared this need a lot of kudos. Let's meet my staff by the way: Bench Coach: Joey Evans Joey Evans was the man who made all the reports happen. I will be forever grateful of this man setting up so much for the new manager/GM who is 13 years younger than him. He only has 3 years experience and has a contract that expires this year. As much as I am grateful of his reports I will see how this year goes as he is bad at teaching defense and base-stealing. Hitting Coach: Jack Holman Jack Holman is a 37 year old hitting coach out of Blue Grass, Iowa. He only has 2 years of experience and preaches contact hitting. Like Joey though, he was 1 year left on his contract and I will take the wait and see approach here. The assistant GM, pitching coach and team trainer spots are vacant so after the draft I will see who I might hire for these 3 positions. Let's not forget about the man who made all this happen. The Owner: Angel Diaz Angel Diaz is fron Venezuela decent. He is very patient so that bodes well for me but he seems like a penny pincher. That is all I can tell you for now, ill get back to you on the goals at a different date
  13. January 1st, 1871: Just a few day's ago I was just a kid in college studying Business and Economics. Today, I hit the open market for baseball teams all over the world. My father always had an interest in baseball so naturally I followed suit. I played baseball my whole life. I was also great in my studies that I was able to get fast tracked to College. I played until I wrecked my leg so bad they almost had to amputate it. That's when my life changed. I knew I couldn't play anymore but that didnt stop me from gaining my degree and use it toward sports management. I was determined to make it to the big leagues one way or another. So here I am fresh out of a College as a 20 year old who really has no place to be in sports management especially at a high level. Nobody told the Chicago White Stockings that though as they proceeded to give me an interview for their GM and manager job. This new league opened up and they need to fill both positions. This new baseball league that is opening up is called Major League Baseball. It consists of 4 teams from the American League and 4 teams from the National League. The teams that play in the American League are the Baltimore Canaries, the Cleveland Forest Citys, the Philadelphia Athletics and the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The 4 teams that belong in the National League are the Boston Red Stockings, the Brooklyn Atlantics, the Chicago White Stockings and the Cincinnati Reds. All teams will play 30 games in Year 1 with only 2 weeks of spring training as I see it as a waste of time for me and players mostly just get hurt in Spring Training. The top 2 teams of each League will play a 7 game series to determine a League winner. The League winners will then face off in the finals or World Series to determine the Major League Baseball League Winner. I guess I did pretty well in the interview since the Chicago White Stockings offered me a job. Here I am off to Chicago to start my incredible baseball journey. The job also offers $0 dollars for 4 years, but hey, It's better than working in the minors. This was the only Major League team offering me a job. So i took it.
  14. Hello all, I'm starting a new dynasty today. It will be from the start of the Baseball until whenever. lol. But there will be 2 major difference's in my dynasty from the timeline of the beginning to wherever I end. There will be a Designated Hitter in BOTH leagues. Yes that's right, both leagues will have a DH. and 2nd one is that there will be a wild card spot for the playoffs. making ever game mean something, because in baseball we all know anything can happen. I hope you enjoy. My manager is Shawn Howard. He will start unemployed. Hope you enjoy.
  15. I have called up everyone as i like everyone to have a fair chance to get better and I have invited all prospects that are eligible to join. I feel that i keep them all camp that it makes them a little better, but thats just me. maybe im wrong. anyway, Philadelphia Flyers have signed Right Wing Ronald Petrovicky to a 2 year deal worth 1.7 million that has a cap hit of 845,000. Tampa Bay Lightning has signed scouts Ken Slater to a 4 year contract and Glen Sonmor 4 year contract. Toronto Maple Leafs signed Left Wing Ramzi Abid to a 2 year deal worth 887,000 that has a cap hit of 463,000 and signed Jeremy Colliton to a 886,000 with a cap hit of 464,000. New York Rangers signed defenseman Bryan Berard to a 3 year deal worth 4,510,000 with a cap hit of 1,523,000 Montreal Canadiens signed Right Wing David Nemirovsky to a 2 year deal worth 885,000 with a cap hit of 465,000 Carolina Hurricanes signed defenseman Peter Metcalf to a 2 year deal worth 887,000 with a cap hit of 463,000 Calgary Flames signed Mike Keenan as Assistant GM for 4 years I have released Left Wing Rob Bordson and defenseman Stu Bickel because i'm over the 50 player contract rule. New Jersey Devils signed Bill Moores to a 4 year contract to be the head coach. Atlanta Thrashers signed Goaltender Philippe Sauve to a 2 year contract worth 482,000 with a cap hit of 467,000 Anaheim Ducks have sold 9224 season tickets Detroit Red Wings signed Defenseman Greg de Vries to 2 year contract worth 1,817,000 with a cap hit of 928,000