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  1. Brewers send: CF Jeffrey Moore (AAA Nashville) RF Nick Williams (A Brevard County) SS Kwan-yew “Goose” Yeh (A Wisconsin) RF Caleb Gindl (MLB) Astros send: RF Esteban Hernandez (MLB) Brewers Rationale: Brewers add a bat we’ve been in search of, passing up a couple of other promising leads. We felt this was the best deal for us both now and for the future. Astros are getting some really nice pieces to help in their rebuild, and I’m actually really bummed to see Gindl too go because he has always been one of those “stats/performance” guys, however we don’t need two left-handed RF on the roster, so I hope he gets a chance to start for the rest of this year with Houston. Thanks for the honest and straightforward negotiations, Zach! Good luck to those pups.
  2. Brewers send: C Josh Thole (AAA) for Braves send: RF Bryce Brentz This gives the Brewers a right-handed option in RF, something that helps diversify the team even more. Thanks, Brenton, for a quick and easy negotiation.
  3. Indians send:C Jose Aleman (A) $511,600 Brewers send:SP Gavin Floyd (MLB) Brewers had to move a SP, and Gavin Floyd was the odd man out. Floyd was someone we could rely on typically for a quality start, and I'm certain he has some good years left. With Madison Bumgarner now in the mix, we felt we could add depth elsewhere in the division, and are excited about a prospect like Aleman as we feel he has a very unique skillset coming from the catcher position. We needed the money for Black Friday--I MEAN the budget. Thanks, Ayden, and good luck!
  4. Approved for basically the exact reason the Braun deal was approved. Miguel may have a very bright career ahead of himself, but we were willing to take a chance that last season's success was the exception and not the norm as we have a lot of depth at corner OF. We also were not thirlled with Miguel's character as he caused a rukus upon his May 2013 callup when he got into a fight, according to the storyline generator, with Ryan Sweeney just two days after being recalled. Regardless, he might be the next Wong (Tex) for Detroit, so it's a good deal all around and a chance worth taking for a team looking for some power. In return, the Brewers get some pieces that should give us an estimated 5-6 additional wins based upon the guys being replaced and their projections. We're excited to have a 25 year old Madison Bumgarner in the fold for a while as we feel he will rebound from his injury woes. Brandon League gives us a lockdown closer which will allow us to use Axford in middle relief, thus bringing his final arbitration/extension salary down. League is an immediate candidate for an extension himself. We also now have yet another SS named Escobar, and we feel Yunel will help us chase the division title in 2015 and very realistically beyond. Finally, Yeh is a very exciting prospect who we'll watch develop behind the guys we already have in place. Thanks, Patrick, for the easy communication. Good luck!
  5. Approved. We were looking for lefty bats, and Thole should finally give us some legit depth at C--something we haven't had for a while now. Kuo will be another lefty option in the pen to go along with Thornton. Thanks, Sowders!
  6. Brewers send: OF Ryan Braun (No Trade Clause) MLB Tigers send: SP Madison Bumgarner MLB SS Yunel Escobar MLB CL Brandon League MLB SS Kwan-yew Yeh R-Ball Rationale: We have a logjam in the OF, and the Tigers really liked Braun. We were open to trading Ryan Braun and/or Miguel Velasquez, and Braun is the first one to strike a deal. We're excited to add some pieces to the Brewers which we feel can help us push towards a division championship, even while losing our franchise player, Ryan Braun. It's now up to Ryan Braun if he wants to accept the deal. Oakland County is a beautiful place, so hopefully he can find himself a nice home and a boat!
  7. *All players in this deal have cleared waivers since August 1* Rangers send: SP Justin Masterson (MLB) Brewers send: SP Shaun Marcum (MLB) 2B Rickie Weeks (AAA in tonight's file) Masterson is a better fit than Marcum for my park. With him being 29, I feel as though we can handle his contract in later years, or come up with an alternative after 2015 if needed. Weeks wouldn't accept a demotion, although randomly did last night when I tried. He'll likely be a FA after 2014 and frees up a roster spot for 1B Jack MacNeil who will make his MLB debut tonight.
  8. Brewers send: SP Tommy Toledo (AAA) 1B/OF Nobuhisa Toyama (A) Rockies send: CL Rafael Betancourt (MLB) Tommy Toledo could make a MLB team next year, but it's 50/50 really. The biggest reason we can let him go is that he's just not a good build for our ballpark whatsoever. Toyama was signed really just for this reason, and we're able to clear his $1.5M contract which will help pay for Betancourt. Toyama could be a nice player, but we're very deep at OF. Betancourt is an obvious need for us; our bullpen has been ok, but our 12th man has just been horrid no matter who it is. I'm undecided who I'll give the closer role to, RB or keep John Axford there. Axford has been great as our closer for our 3 years, but he has never demanded the job. RB wants to be a closer...Maybe they can just share. I'd like to talk to RB about a potential extension too.
  9. The Twins and Brewers agree to the following trade. Twins send: RF Ryan Sweeney (MLB) Brewers send: SS Matt Wilson (AAA, or DFA since he was just acquired from Houston) I inquired about Sweeney a few weeks ago, and kept him on my radar. Twins and I couldn't really match up on a swap, so when I started talking to Houston on my earlier deal, I asked Rocky what he might like from Houston for Sweeney, and Wilson was it. Sweeney gives me a lefty starter in the lineup which we needed, and he's a superior defensive RF which will help out pitching (we had twice as many balls hit to RF than LF last year). If he begins to tail-off ever, he becomes a nice depth piece as he can play all 3 OF positions. As he went to sleep, Rocky said he'd be cool with this deal if I got Wilson. Hopefully that's still the case. I posted it now because I'm not sure I'll be around before/during the sim. Thanks, Rocky!
  10. The Astros and Brewers agree to the following trade. Astros send: SS Matt Wilson (AAA) RF Anthony Hale ® Brewers send: Yovani Gallardo (MLB) We have 6, if not more, SP candidates. I like Gallardo a lot, but he doesn't fit our park well and I think we'll see his numbers jump (like Gavin Floyd did for me in 2013 based on the OPPOSITE reason of groundballs). If Yovani can stay healthy, he has a lot of baseball in him still and can add a really nice option for the middle of Houston's rotation. In the end, this frees up a rotation spot for Wily Peralta. We get some pieces in return which are nice. Wilson is ranked Houston's 14th best prospect, and Hale 13th. Both players have strong potential, and will be fun to watch develop. Thanks for a very simple deal, Jason, and good luck with Gallardo.
  11. Agreed. Brewers don't view Meadows as a SP, and he just hasn't shown us much. I'm glad he's going somewhere where he may be a better fit. Grandal gives us some needed depth at C in the high minors. Good luck Sox, and thanks for the easy and fair deal!
  12. http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=shaw--002nic AAA 2B Nick Shaw should bat lefty and field righty. He's backwards in-game. Thanks!
  13. SOWDERS: Please add Nobuhisa Koyama back to my organization as he was a magically cut guy I noticed earlier today. Thank you!
  14. Right, but where does it end? Can I just trade money 50 years in the future to ship out an overpaid player? Just asking because I'm not sure how it might work. I vote to keep trading as challenging as possible Manage your team