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PFS Online Leagues????

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Hi. Im a serious fan of online GM games for every sport (hockey more than others). I have been contemplating purchasing Pro Football Simulator, yet have held off for one reason.


I havent found any active leagues that would warrant the $26 dollar price tag of this game. I have found a couple that seem to have about 15 managers or so, but their websites seem dormant and there is very very little activity on their message boards.


After trying the single player demo of this game (which i think is a great start for an american football sim with ongoing upgrades), I would like to hear some opinions on the online play of PFS to help me make up my mind on weather or not to take the 26 dollar gamble with this game. Keeping in mind that i am not into playing the single player version what-so-ever. I know 26 dollars is not a lot, but i hate the feeling of buying a game that i will never play if the online leagues are terrible.


Lets hear some opinions!!! CHeers!!

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