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    rodrigovanderlei reacted to Ben Vinew in A "Realistic" Franchise Mode   
    Hello everyone,
    I am Ben Vinew and I have tossed my hat in the ring of as a Youtube content maker. I am an old dog learning new tricks, but somehow I've managed to get my decade old PC to play the game, record it, and upload it to Youtube.
    What am I doing?
    I am running a Franchise Mode based off of Madden 20. Yes, I know that horrid game (hence why I am here trying to find my oldschool gems from back in the day) that is notorious for bad game play. Thing is, when you don't actually play it and let it play itself, it actually isn't too bad. Also, since I have the PC version I have been able to use some fabulous mods which alters the game engine and tweaks it to perform quite a bit better.
    So, in my fantasy world, we are 30+ years into the future. All of the known current stars are retired and out of the NFL. I decided I would take over the worst team the season after all the current players retired. That wound up being the 2-14 Miami Dolphins; who have also never won more than 5 games in a season during this whole 30 year process) and the entire AFC has been relocated to alternate cities with new jerseys and new team names. I created my own new head coach named Shaq Hennessey. I play the role of Ben Vinew, a local sports broadcaster and sports journalist AND also the role of the Head Coach.
    I have player personalities come up, contract negotiations sometimes play out during the season, I do coach interviews with myself as the many characters (using voice mods) and I do play by play commentary as the games unfold.
    What I don't do:
    I am not cheesing the Madden trade logic where I can trade 3 scrub players and keep getting numerous first round draft picks. I don't go to the free agent market and rebuild my entire roster. I don't try to cheese the system for contracts and try to make my franchise decisions based on long term, team conscious conditions. I try to make things as realistic as possible within the confines of the game.
    For instance: I had a long time veteran that wasn't really producing on the field to expectations and I had a couple of promising younger players that I needed to play. About mid way through the season I benched the veteran and promoted the younger guys up the depth chart. Now, Madden won't care about this. But, in real life, an established veteran that has produced in the past would have a huge problem like this. So, I presented his case. He took to Twitter to ask for a trade and state his displeasure with the team. A local reporter asked the Head Coach about this; who wasn't aware the Tweet had taken place. A couple of weeks later, the player was traded away to a contender for the post season.
    Due to COVID I am currently not at my residence where my recording studio is. I have to wait a couple more weeks until it is safe for me to return. I have about 2 full seasons recorded on youtube currently, so now would be a GREAT time to immerse yourself in the lore before I get started up again! You can find my franchise here on Youtube:
    Thanks and I hope you enjoy!