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Unique Fictional League Seeking Members

Started By mogulchamp, Feb 23, 2014 10:22 AM

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The Champions League Baseball Association is looking for a couple of active members to fill some openings due to inactive GMs. We are in our infancy, but have an enormous amount of untapped potential with a solid leadership team. The members in the league are a mix of OOTP vets, as well as some new to online leagues and OOTP in general.

So what makes us unique?

-Potentials Only- No actual ratings are displayed. In addition our scale of 1-5 is the closest we can get to a stats only league

-Promotion and Relegation Structure- Each season 2 teams move to the top league, 2 to the lower leagues. Teams who can remain in the top league (Champions League) receive financial boosts for remaining in the league for a long time

-Minimum Content is required- Although not as content heavy as some other leagues, ACTIVE members are required. As we do expect turnover until our core group is in place, we want the most active GMs possible

-Create your team- Each team can be personalized with your own City, Uniform, Logo, Etc.

-Unique Financial System- You have full control over your expenses and profit (or loss) carries over from season to season. In addition a luxury tax as well as fixed media contracts and other unique ideas allows for enormous flexibility in your management of the team

As mentioned above... we have a great team which handles content, graphics, rule discussions, etc and there is a lot of support from the other GMs.

We are currently approaching the all-star break of year 1, and the openings are due to GMs who cannot keep up or meet our requirements. We have a set sim schedule, and our GMs are creating some excellent content.

Our Constitution: http://championsleag....c.php?f=3&t=38

New Member Application: http://championsleag....c.php?f=5&t=12

If interested, please either PM me here, email CLBcommissioner@gmail.com or post in the new member app on the forums.

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