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Race For The Pennant openings

Started By soadeathdealer, Nov 10, 2013 05:29 PM

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GOTO link below to apply for membership into the league

Application for membership into RFTP

YOU Must read and understand our constitution failing to do so will show your disregard for our league rules and a such you could end up screwing your entire team and get fired over it . We have rules to be followed if you do not wish to read and follow our rules then you will be fired from you duties as team gm. We have a constitution always refer to it before offering contracts and if all else fails ask one of the commishes bottom line do NOT fail your team

Aim and an email address is required as well as daily League chat activity on Aim (exceptions can be made for activity just post you reasons in the out of town thread on forum

contact me by email or through aim matrix20021983 for any questions
sim schedule is mon,tue,thurs,fri,sat exports due by 9pm est

Full League Name (Initials): Race For The Pennant (RFTP)
Main: Race For The Pennant
Reports: http://rftp.tuckermade.net/Game/reports/news/html/leagues/league_100_home.html
Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum Username(s):soadeathdealer
Email Address: commish@rftp.tuckermade.net
OOTP Version: OOTP 14 latest patch
Game Needed:Required
Players:Modern real rosters
# of Teams:30
Export Deadlines Days And Times:Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri,Sat 9pm EST
League Time Per Sim:7 days
First Season:2012
Latest Season:2016
Special Rules & Settings:League Statement: RFTP is a simulation
fantasy baseball league. RFTP will use the latest version and patch of
OOTP 14 to simulate all games. All owners must own a copy of OOTP 14 .
We expect all owners to make an honest effort to field a winning and
profitable club while providing a competitive and friendly atmosphere
within the league.


DEDICATED SERVER: With our dedicated server you get almost no downtime so you do not have to worry about the league website or reports or file download slowing down or stopping or giving you errors. Once in a great while you will have a 5-10 min outage when something happens to the server or they run maintenance. This dedicated server is great feature for the league as you benefit from it. large files that we upload for the league normally gets slowed on normal server but not our its fast and steady. We do accept donations to keep us on the dedicated server.

Game Play:
•Simulations will be every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday unless posted otherwise.
•Simulations will be one week (7 days currently Monday through Sunday)
•League FTP exports are due by times stated on the leagues homepage.
•Owners must export their team file utilizing the FTP Export feature within the game.
•All Trade transactions will be processed after each simulation unless
its the trade deadline sim then it will be done before the sim
•The website will then be updated including the league file (zip) and box scores.
•Playoffs maybe simulated live determined by the commissioner’s availability.
• Gms can NOT trade picks
•Talent and overall is set to 1-10 ratings system
•No coaches
•No scouts
•Fa comp CBA
•No using proxy Ip's what so ever to mask ur ip address
•No trading of recently drafted players
•Owner sets budget
• Soft cap of 120mil with 20% tax
• 10 mil max cash
• Batter aging speed: .400
• Batter dev. speed: 1.000
• Pitcher Aging speed: 1.000
• Pitcher Dev speed: .900
• Talent Change Randomness: 75
• Ghost players enabled for minor leagues

Owner Responsibilities

1.New Owner limitations
– All new owners will have a mandatory 4 day no trading period. This
will include a no talking trade clause as well. This will ensure that
new owners will have adequate time to familiarize themselves with their
team and the league without being interrupted by established owners who
are aggressive in trading. See the Probation thread for more information

1.Penalties for violating a no trade/talk clause by league members.

a.1st Violation – You will lose your highest 2nd round
draft pick. If you do not have a 2nd round draft pick, then you will
lose your lowest 1st round pick. If you have no pick in the upcoming
draft then you will lose the following years.
Violation – You will lose your highest 1st round pick in the upcoming
draft. If you do not have a 1st in the upcoming draft then you will lose
your 1st in the following draft. If you have not 1st round pick in the
following draft then you will not be allowed to trade for a half of a
sim month.
c.3rd Violation – No trading for a sim month.
d.4th Violation – Removal from the league.

2.Budget –
All owners are responsible for maintaining/monitoring their
organizations financial health and their goal will be for their
respective team to work with in the budget restraints that the AI owner
as set forth and adhere by the following league rule.
(1)No owner my increase payroll via trade or signing over their team budget + 35 million ). Read More at

(a)Owners find to be in violation of this rule, will
have the highest paid player(s) released until you are under ur budget
plus 35 million. read more

(i)You are still charged the players remaining contract when he is released.

3.Active (Major League) Roster Limitations
– No owner may have an Active (ML) roster under 20 players. It is in
the teams and leagues best interest that all owners strive to conduct
their business in a respectful manner and field a competitive team. We
understand that teams rebuild. However, we expect owner to keep the
integrity of the game in mind when fielding their 25 man active roster
and team. if a teams is under the 20 man min at sim time their team will
be cpu ran and of course a penality impossed

1st violation : Loss of ur highest 2nd rd pick

2nd violation loss of ur highest 1st rd pick

3rd violation : the commishes discretion

4.Contract Rules (FA and extensions) – The following applies

1.Team and Player Options – 4. Team and Player Options – These options years may not be more than 12 million over the last non option year of the contract.)-OLDNEW- the Marmoling rule- Option years, there can be only a max of 50% raise in salary from the last non option yr and all team option years must have a buyout included for each option yr at 50% or more the option year salary

2.Incentives Rules

1.Max Innings for Bonus : 220 (the game will cap
the money allowed by looking at the 1st year salary and the other

2.Max Plate Appearances for Bonus: 580

3.Bonus for Pitchers of the year award : (the game will
cap the money allowed by looking at the 1st year salary and the other
Bonus for Hitter of the year award : (the game will cap the
money allowed by looking at the 1st year salary and the other bonuses)

4.Bonus for All-Star Selection: (the game will cap the
money allowed by looking at the 1st year salary and the other bonuses)

Penalty structure that will be enforced

Due to circumstances regarding the previous rule, we have opted to change the Marmol Rule penalty to the following:

The penalty structure is as follows:
Your warning is the constitution. Everyone is required to read the constitution. Failure to read the constitution is not an excuse. This is something very easy to forget as I have forgot and been guilty.

1st Offense: Player is placed back in FA/ Extension is nulled. Team enters a one month(game time) ban of trading and FA signing. Team is fined $10 million dollars.
2nd Offense: Player is placed back in FA/ Extension is nulled. Team enters a two month(game time) ban of trading and FA signing. Team is fined $15 million dollars.
3rd Offense: Player is placed back in FA/ Extension is nulled. Team enters a three month(game time) ban of trading and FA signing. Team is fined $20 million dollars. Possible firing of GM..

More info on the League consitution see RFTP Consitution

• Current date: offseason date 2017

Currently available Teams:

Posted Image
Baltimore: Reports link here Baltimore is a rebuild team and we want a ootp online veteranto step in and rebuild them . U need to have at least one full year real life experience in ootp online leagues and you have to be a consistent gm that has shown that you can stay with a league for more than a season or two. Baltimore has 14 best farm club in our league so they need work, Matt Theobald is there 1st rd pick in our draft that is going on on our ootpou .

On hot seat :


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