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Cubs Trade Block - 2018 Deadline Edition

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The Best of the Best


SP Henderson Alvarez - above average ratings, sub-4.00 FIP

LF Eric Thames - 60 power

LOOGY/1B Sean Doolittle - Hasn't given up an ER to lefties all season, 146 OPS+ with the bat

RP Kenneth Giles - 65 stuff, 11 saves, pre-arb arm

SS Dorssys Paulino - 23 year old SS with a plus arm

RF Richard Slack - 65 contact


SP Michael Fiers - veteran back-end starter with wipeout curveball

RP Scott Alexander - 2.35 ERA and 10.6 K/9

RP Brett Bochy - 70 stuff


The Rest


1B Darin Holcomb - interesting last name

1B Murray Watts - longtime Cubs farmhand looking for a new home


3B Cody Asche - "Asche is likable."

SP Nick Tropeano - can start or relieve

3B Didi Gregorius - perfect multi-positional bench piece


GO CUBS GO ... to the playoffs!

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