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Orioles Pre-Deadline Trade Block

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With several players at AAA ready for the big leagues, the Orioles make the following players avaialble for trade. I tried to put some of them into groups to give possible buyers more options.

I want to send ONE of the following players.
LF/CF James Baldwin
LF/RF Ruben Sierra jr.
LF/CF Aaron Altherr

I rate those guys above about the same, though they all have quite different strengths. Maybe Baldwin is worth a little more because of his proven power numbers. I am only looking for a solid prospect in return.

I want to send the following player.

SP Chad Billingsley
I am also looking looking for a solid prospect in return.


*** PITCHERS ***
The Orioles have great number of Reliefpitchers available and also need to make some room here.
LHP Scott Ronnenbergh
LHP Drew Taylor
RHP Alex Ramirez
RHP Jeffrey Hoover
RHP Enrique Pacheco
RHP Antonio Pacheco

I won't go through all the names. Their numbers speek for themselves. I am also lokking for MEDIUM / GOOD prospect from the 2016, 2017 or 2018 amateur draft in return.

Also feel free to combine any of those players and also any other players at AAA Norfolk might be available. Thanks.

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