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White Sox - Mid-July Trade Block

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This, folks, is our final official Trade Block before the July 31st deadline.  I am out of town on Sunday, July 29th and returning the evening of Monday, July 30th.  I'll do my best to respond to all inquiries as fast and helpfully as I can.  Slack is best as I receive an immediate notification on my phone.  I'll be the passenger in a car most of the day on Monday and may be able to look at the game and respond to trade talks.  Sunday I'll largely be MIA but may be able to look late in the evening.


RP Edgar Escalona (ML)

+ Solid middle relief pitcher.  Has 4 pitches and throws mid-90s.  155 ERA+ over 33.1 IP.  31 years old, earning $1.1m.  Seeking a single prospect in return. May be willing to retain some salary for the right player.  


RP Bobby Jenks (ML)

+ 37 years old but still an excellent middle reliever.  Has pitched very well since coming to the White Sox in late April with a 123 ERA+ in that span and 0.5 WAR (not bad for a middle reliever).  4 pitches.  Earning $1.1m this season and a free agent in the offseason.  Willing to retain up to 100% of his salary for the right player.  Seeking a single prospect in return.


1B Chris Marrero (ML)

+ 1B/LF/DH who slugs against left-handed pitchers.  Hitting 348/395/623 for a 1.018 OPS against LHP this season.  His full salary says $2.64m but the bulk of it is being retained by two former organizations, so any takers are only on the hook for $792k.  Again, looking for a single prospect in return.  May be willing to retain the rest of his contract depending on the player coming back.  Still under team control for 2019.  He also plays above average defense at 1B.


2B DJ Fitzgerald (ML)

+ Veteran second baseman on a league minimum contract.  Just promoted to the Majors for the first time this year so still pre-arb eligible.  Has one minor league option remaining so stash him at AAA if you like, or he could be a potential starting 2B for some clubs.  Hitting 325 for the ML club and hit 329 at AAA.  Seeking a single minor league player in return.


RF Antonio Guzman (AA)

+ Slugging corner outfielder with elite speed and stealing/baserunning abilities (80 across the board according to my scout).  Only 23 years old so still has room to develop.  Listed as the #11 prospect in our system.  Seeking a top 20 prospect in return, or a ML-ready (by 2019) 2B or 3B.  Would also consider trading for a closer-caliber young pitcher.


SP/RP Joe Kelly (AAA)

+ Ground ball aficionado.  Just turned 30 years old, $740k salary.  4 pitches, enough stamina to be a starting pitcher. Has over a 64% groundball rate for both AAA and ML this year.  Seeking a single prospect in return.


Other players not on this list could be available but we're not looking to trade any of our prospects or the better of our young talent right now.  Still, feel free to inquire.

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