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LA Angels: Trade Block

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The Angels are open for discussion on the following:


Jordan Walden: Injured for the season and with a player option for next season. Acquiring him now would allow for several months of potential negotiating. Sign him to a deal and the team friendly player option turns into a guaranteed season.


Kenley Jansen: It has been a tough start to 2018 for Jansen. Typically he's been a reliable force in the bullpen. 


Aroldis Chapman


As always, prefer you come with offers/ideas. You know where to find me on Slack.




SP Michael Fulmer is on the trade block.


Fulmer was a Rule V draft selection this past December. He was lights out in Spring Training allowing just 1 run over 14 innings while striking out 12 and walking 3.  


Good stuff, including an OSA ranked slider of 70/75, I hoped he would slot into the #5 spot for a season and give me adequate innings.  


Unfortunately that has not been the case a the big league level. After suffering an injury, he has been rehabbing in AAA where he appears to have regained some of his Spring Training form.


Again, a Rule V player, so he will need to finish the year on your active roster. 


If interested, find me on Slack.

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