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Dodgers In Season 2018 Trade Block

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Can listen on anyone, but these are the players in particular that I am most comfortable dealing at this time:


OF Reggie Golden (AAA) - Platoon candidate, capable of playing both of the corner outfield spots.


CF Taylor Lewis (AAA) - Above average defensive CF who had an OPS+ of 126 in 2017 versus right handed pitching at the major league level. Stuck at AAA currently.


SP Brady Rodgers (AAA) - Another guy that is stuck at AAA, but probably should be on the back end of a major league staff.




Dodgers making OF Matt Kemp available in trade and are willing to pay down 75% of his remaining salary. He should be a useful platoon bat and good enough to cover as depth for a starter in case of injury. Probably would want a mid tier/fringe prospect back, so he'd be pretty cheap.



Email is best ([email protected]) but Slack works too.

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